Waxing VCT Floors With Flat Mops.

I wanted to offer a little insight, and tact to newcomers learning to properly wax vinyl tile floors. Hope you find it useful.



seems to be easy…
it helps

Bob Jones says:

thanks man

ComandOr Zerxius says:

The good thing about his flat mop is that it doesn’t get wax on the baseboards.  My company hired professionas “truegree” that used a mop and got wax several inches up around the baseboards and I couldn’t scrub it off.  It looked terrible.  This gentleman does fine work.

Bob Jones says:

does a micro fiber flat mop hold more wax? making less trips to bucket?

J-Monsta07 says:

is there a reason you bring the wax right to the floor board ? The school board i work for we are taught to keep at least an inch away, which stops the edges from yellowing over time and allows us to just scrub the floors with pads and not have to use a scraper when we strip. As the pad will easily have enough room to grab the wax and it sure makes this easier and faster.

Alejandro Jaramillo says:

whats the difference between wax sealer and just wax
does it make a difference

and another question I just did a wax work it ended up with little bumps in the wax

can u help me.out ill appreciate it

Paul Wilson says:

Hello jerry, do you use a figure 8 motion when youre waxing the floor?

brianallen0826 says:

jerry, are you using a self leveling wax? how many coats are you applying total

staind says:

i throw the wax down a lot

johnny james says:

excellent tips and instruction.

Praveen Hatti says:

Thanks for the video. Very informative. I run a home cleaning startup out of Bangalore, India called Unplan ( http://www.unplan.in )

Cody Beck says:

very clean and precise job. great work ! question ; what is a fair rate to charge per square foot to strip and wax a commercial floor that hasn’t been done in 3 years?

509FightTime 2.0 says:

I prefer flat mops. Less messy and easier to edge with (in my experience) in most cases.

Goldleader7 says:

Just a note that I have seen while you are waxing and from my 12 years of doing this:

-Depending on your wax, you should always do figure 8’s with the pad because moving it side to side like what your doing creates edging in the wax while it dries. I’ve seen it happen from others doing it and you can see where you waxed and where you finished on the edges after it is dried. It doesn’t look right after, but again, this depends on the wax you use/drying time and if the wax spreads out over time versus dries in one spot.

-When waxing towards the edge, you do 1 (First) initial coat to the edge of the floor but then after, you leave 1 inch from the edge from that point on. I have seen guys who waxed the baseboards and put THICK amounts of wax on the edges and it is a real PAIN to strip after. And besides, no one ever walks on the edge of the floor as most traffic is in the middle. You always want to put thick coats in the middle of the floor and thin it closer to the edge.

-Depending on what the room is used for, whether it is a classroom or office, you want to put more wax on the areas where the floor is heavily going to be used or office chairs rolling back and forth on the same area as it will take the most abuse compared to the other parts of the floor. If it’s a room that you have no idea what’s going in there, make it even throughout the room.

-The wax pad I use is from Atlas Graham and reason I use their’s than the rubbermaid is because the Atlas Graham has 4 velcro straps that hold onto the wax pad holder to prevent the wax pad from falling off the holder. This saves me a lot of time and hassle as when I have used the rubbermaid ones, they fall into the bucket because the wax pad holder velcro is worn out from wax build up underneath it. Of course all equipment should be cleaned after every use, but sometimes it can wear out faster than expected.

Other than that, good job on the video 🙂

Snuukes says:

The flat mopping pad that you use, is that just one of those ‘swiffer’ type mop heads that can be washed and reused?

Evelyn Tavernier says:

Don’t ever use a regular mop to apply floor finish. use a thin microfiber applicator pad. Your floor finish needs to contain a high level of solids to retain its durability.

Bob Jones says:

thanks neat and clean……


When I wax I use the one u fill up the wax bag,it’s like a back pack one and if I strip the floors we do 3 coats of floor sealer and 5 coats of wax.If it’s just a scrub and recoat it’s normally 5 coats of wax.

Eet Chit says:


NH-Hill Billy says:

Do you burnish between cotes?

Dario Zubic says:

Nice work man! How many square feet per hour can you cover with the flat mop & long stick ? cheers

gravy-freight-train76555 says:

ive seen your videos. dude you are awesome

John Barrett says:

Jerry,  You are the Man.  Thanks for the awesome video’s

John Curtan says:

easy video 1 coat looked fine to me

vinceleto says:

Can you reuse the applicator pad?

NH-Hill Billy says:

Hey bud, im new at this and your vids have been a great help. I bought the same system you use to apply the wax and its been great, the guy before me was using lambs wool pads and puttin it on so thick. How many cotes would
you recommend putting on an elementary school gym floor considering the flat mop is putting it on thinner, iv done 4 so far (it is regular tile like the classrooms) btw there was no wax really left on the floor at the end of school, other guy said he did 3 cotes. Thanks buddy

Rj Mtx says:

What do you prefer microfiber mop or a regular mop head for waxing in your experience

Chris Houston says:

Nice vid, too bad I didn’t watch it before I put that first think coat on. lol

Bob Jones says:

what brand mop do you use Jerry?

oscar davies says:

beautiful job and waxing kind of curious I mean coat do you lay down we lay down for coat email me on your comment

Justin Beal says:

Awesome demonstration…good insight on applying the 1st layer. 

Jonathan Clark says:

Looking sharp!!!

mike keech says:

Nice video using the flat mop. I work at Walmart and my store Manager always wants me to use a Rayon Type Mop and I hate it. I have bought a nice Rubbermaid Commercial Flat Mop to try and it works Wonders. I just wish I had a nice bucket like you have to store the wax in. What kind is it? Where can I order one? And also do you have any videos posted on You Tube on floor stripping? I always have problems with Diversey Floor Stripper. Never gets all the old wax off to the bare tiles. I sure could use the advise on how to properly strip floors. Thank You. My email is keechmike1@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon. Mike

Janier Mora says:

Hi! Jerry I have a question for you in the store of 14000 sq feet how much I’ll charge to the costumer Thank you for your answer and God bless you

JourneyTotheTruthandTotalRandomness says:

LOL..I hate using flat mops.

J Mtz says:

What wax do you use?

John Curtan says:

hell yeah what kind of wax is that I want some that’s gonna blind people and they slip and bust ass it’s so slick

Rashard Allen says:

How many coats of wax do you put on a floor?

Sam Marrero says:

Awesome thanks bro.

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