Polished concrete wall

Polished concrete wall made by us with Cebos pozzolano plaster.


Ryan Bennett says:

Can this be done to a wall in a shower? If not do you have the materials to do that?

Mich Abing says:


futbolera says:

Hello! Will this type of application be durable in the long term? From what I experience in construction, plaster is better applied to textured surfaces because it adheres well. I am curious if with this method (plaster on primer, I assume is relatively smoother texture) the plaster holds up well too?

Siddhpura Nishit says:

can you please suggest ingredients, precisely !

frank buoy says:

what’s the difference between plaster and simple concrete? where i buy plaster? i can paint with aqua based painting after, i need a primer before ?

theandroids says:

Hi, what version of the lime concrete did you use CEMENTO or Stucco?

Josafat07 says:

YES thank you!!! This room is ganna look amazing lol

ไอ้มดแดง says:

Is it possible to list material and technique used in this project?
Thanks much

saber says:

how much would that cost?including the paint, job and everything

Benjamin Rowland says:

Is there a list of tools needed and material as well?

irene jacobs says:

he look sick?

Chrissy says:

Looks a million dollars! thanks for sharing 🙂

sa-maker says:

That looks really cool.

P YT says:

PLEASE REPLY TO THIS!!! What is the black thing you mix with the wax?? You have amazing skills!

Santiago Cala says:

nice, what is the overall thickness of the plaster once finished?

Bungo Man says:

Hello there I visted your webpage after watching this video Where you can find those all product you use in this techniques I am doing up my room and looking for an idea Thank you

Victoria Fiaretti says:

What kind of primer is that? I’d be happy stopping right after the primer – its so pretty! haha

Dan Murphy says:

Did you add pigments to the lime plaster or JUST to the wax?
You said that you used 257 Pigment Wax.
Did you diluted and apply a second coat to get the color contrast on the wall?
If that is not how you did it, how did you get the color contrast?
Did you use any other Pigments?

art gat says:

cool wall. also, what’s the title of the music?

K W says:

That is an amazing look!

Gary Rosmus says:

is it a white primer with black pigment??

Victoria Fiaretti says:

WOW this is so inspiring! I am in awe! Very nice work. Hoping I can create something half this good.

Tree,man says:

Really!!! You call this a polished wall?? A POLISHED wall????? Really??

spardav says:

Why did you leave that seam in the center of the wall?

Ahmed Samir says:

Can you apply the same technique to an exterior wall?
I mean, is it going to be durable?

d Lopez says:

Just as a point of reference, how long did it take for you to plaster this one wall?
Did you need to wait a full day for the plaster to cure, before applying the wax? (Sorry if it’s an amateur question. Gonna try and attempt this in my home)

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