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Video of a microtopping polished concrete installation in Averton Gifford, Devon.

The procedure for this installation:

• The existing concrete was ground with 40 grit metal bond diamonds to remove any loose and brittle areas and to provide a good key for the microtopping.

• The surface was then vacuumed to remove all traces of dust.

• The floor was then primed using acrylic primer.

• All areas were then masked to protect walls and fitted furniture and skirting boards.

• We applied our first base coat of microtopping. This was a natural grey colour and was applied using a magic trowel. This first base coat gives us a new clean canvas to work from.

• This first base coat was then sanded using 60grit sand paper to remove any marks and provide a good key for the next coat. It is also vacuumed and mopped to remove any dust.

• We then applied our second base coat again using the magic trowel and a mixture of 50/50 base and top coat grey and white colours. This allowed us to lighten the colour and to provide a smoother finish which allows us to start to create the required finishing affects.

• This was then sanded using a 60 grit sand paper removing any marks from the surface and providing a good key for the next coat. Again it was vacuumed and mopped to remove all dust.

• Next was the application of the first finish coat which was standard grey colour mixed with a charcoal colour pigment. This was hand applied with a steel trowel using long broad strokes creating a different effect from the previous application.

• Again this was sanded but this time it was sanded using a 60 grit sanding screen, vacuumed and mopped to remove all dust.

• Then the final finish coat was applied which was white in colour and to which we added charcoal colour pigment. This was applied using a small steel trowel using very short tight variable strokes which all added to the effect we required.

• This coat was sanded using a 120 grit sanding screen and taking care to sand through to the previous coat in varying degrees all over the entire surface. This allows both coats, which are applied differently, to show through giving you different looks and appearances. This is then vacuumed and mopped to remove all dust.

• Ideal hard plus is then applied which hardens the surface to protect it against wear and abrasion and to increase the strength and abrasion resistance by 127%.

• Finally, we applied 2 coats of ideal PUWB. This is a polyurethane sealer which protects the floor from dirt and stains and makes it easy to keep clean and to maintain. It also provides a secondary wear layer on the surface of the floor.

I carry out stone floor restoration, microtopping, concrete polishing and floor preparation throughout Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

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Ricardo Ramirez says:

Turned out Awesome ! Great work !

LuxuryCiment Microcementos says:

Interesting video.


wonderfull work

Norman Mastrian says:

looks like shit under the cabinet legs.

Zachary Pike says:

This is not polished concrete…beautiful product!!!!!…but don’t tarnish polishings reputation. This floor will not last 100 years like a real polish. Once again though, it looks spectacular.

john jaso says:

How much did you charge for on that job? How much materials and time?


Great mute explanations

Leigh Griffiths says:

Could you put a coat of the sealer over my microscreed floor?

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