How To Wax A Ledge | Skateboarding Tips

Waxing a ledge is pretty straight forward but just in case you’ve never done it before or want to make sure you’re doing it right – here’s Adam Ottenberg with a quick tutorial on how to wax a ledge properly. Click, watch, wax, go skate!

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Andreas ! says:

Does it work to use candle wax??

Gaming and scooter clips and vlogs says:

Ledge butta is so good

superbuds0714 says:

The wheels on this board.. What are those?

Aidan M says:

Would you say a ledge can get unskateable after being grinded down cause me and a couple friends have been skating this ledge for a couples months and it worked perfect but now it just got like super chunky and no matter how much wax I put it won’t grind haha but it will slide…

BonelessBen says:

get a rub brick! and clear spay paint

Low Budget Productions says:

wait…you gotta wait a day?!

Bruce Chavez says:

Why do some people burn the wax with a torch?

Jay Dee says:

I never knew that you had to wait a whole day.

R Umemoto says:

you can use a lighter and melt the wax thats on the ledge so you don’t have to wait a day

Dakota Copeland says:

don’t forget to wax the whole club so you both side that fuckin but you God 2 use that sole wax

John Stevenns says:

Skateboarders rage the fuck out whenever people wax rails and ledges, even if there sticky

Josue Rios says:


Stubbly Sucks d1ck says:

I’m the bootleg ass lookin skater who try’s to 50-50 virgin curbs

The Flatground Kid says:

all the ladges in my area are really rough do i have to sand it because

RainyDayBlue8 says:

let the rain get to it

Isaac Cutter says:

Is this legal?

Enrique Saucedo says:

does every wax take a day to become slick?

Enrique Saucedo says:

does every wax take a day to become slick?

Edgar Fernandez says:

So excited just ordered some stuff from you guys

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