How to Seal or Glaze Concrete Garage Floor using Behr Wet Look Sealer Hi Gloss

I saved $900 doing it myself. You can too. Sealing a concrete, tile, or stone surface involves a 6 step process. Watch here and learn how.


robertmon3 says:

You said it yourself. Professionals, they give professional results. Homeowners dont get professional results on their own. I get tired of hearing people knock a pros price

Ozjado F says:


DAVID garcia says:

Can I use that sealer over selfleveling concrete??

COW HORSE Saddlery says:

Are you still alive sir?

Andrea Metz says:

You’re funny!

Richard Harrod says:

That step with the Acetone with the garage door closed was a mistake. Even if some dust was going to blow in you were still going to wash afterwards. All those solvents cause long term damage.

Watts Designs says:

Strange cadence with humor delivery but overall an enjoyable and informative vid.

Corey Shaffer says:

Is this slippery when it gets wet if you don’t use the grit/sand?

thumpin1 says:

That acetone is going to break down the surface of your concrete..!

Nahima's Picks says:

I actually LoL’d when he said “I’ll drink to that” hahahahaha. Awesome video. Thanks!! I think I’m doing it myself, save all the money, and then “drink to that” lol.

Corey Mcniel says:

I check a lot of woodworking handbooks. These one from woodprix are the best.

Jeston Hickle says:

so now thats it’s been 3 years, how is it holding up, any problems with it is at all?

Caveman Al Toraboran says:

How different is this from epoxy?

Laxmikant Deshpande says:

This is great! But can we do it to the exposed concrete walls too?
I have lot of walls to do this..
pl suggest

Joe Louie Pacheco says:

You should do comedy on the side, hilarious video…educational too.

Maxim says:

1. Spreads Acetone
2. Dies

Cathy Baby says:

wow no.mask

alfredo hincapie says:

Correction..Acethone is not a degreaser and your floor will not be properly profile for a good quality sealey.The Behr sealer is a cheap non durable sealer that most likely will be gone in a few months and you will end up with bad floor. For a floor with high traffic as a garage you need a high solids good quality sealer. Waterbased are low solids sealer. Good thing you dont have a water heater in your garage that would blow the house up.

Jaime Perez says:

Funny ending, thanks for the Vid. 🙂

Eden Moody says:

thanks to you, doing this on the floor of my condo. i’ll drink to that

Rich Russet says:

why didn’t u hang a cloth in front of door to ventilate but not let dust in?

Mark Hamson says:

very good, thank you.

Joe Stansil says:

Hey buddy I just subscribed to your channel thank you

Cindy Sue says:

why do the floor before you paint and do whatever to wals and ceiling? unless you were going to leave them as is?

Peter Hewel says:

As a janitor who seals 3 for 4 floors a week, you would have been 10 times happier applying the finish it a bucket and wringer with a trash bag liner. It is all acrylic floor sealer and finish.

Annette Herrera says:

he should have lightly sanded between the 1st and 2nd coats. this would have removed and debree and lumps and bumps.

Laxmikant Deshpande says:

Oh! If not acetone then what to use?

Humans4Targets says:

Good news is the garage floor is shiny bad news is you will be dead in two years from breathing all that acid tone

Neal Patel says:

thanks super helpful

scott c says:

Well, I found your video more informative and entertaining than any other on the subject. I’m not sure if you’re still alive to read the compliment since people seem pretty flabbergasted you used acetone to clean the floor. I actually brush my teeth with it and they are whiter than any of my friends.

alfredo hincapie says:

Hire a pro..believe me is worth the $900

Unique Hearing Aid Solutions says:

Amazing video! I am not sure if I’m more jealous of the tutorial or the epic video editing skills done here. Thank you!

World Church says:

Thanks that actually looks like something I can do u made it look easy

Johnny Saint says:

you must love inhaling acetone

Dee Dee says:

Loved your humor! My son and I are taking on this project this weekend.. Thanks for the tips!

Paul Thai says:

Great video! I like the fast forwarding time-lapse video. You can see how it progresses over time. Do you have some photos or videos of the final product after it dried up with the second coat? Thanks for posting!

KleanStrip says:

Klean Strip Acetone thins and cleans fiberglass resins and should only be used as directed on the product label. Do not spread this product over surface areas greater than 1 sq. foot because fire and health safety risks will increase dramatically. This product is extremely flammable. Use this product only with adequate ventilation to prevent buildup of vapors. If the work area is not well ventilated, DO NOT use this product. Avoid breathing of vapors or mist and contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Personal protective equipment should be worn when using this product.

Adriano Colosimo says:

that’s a big waste of money using all that acetone. Better to use a floor scrub with soapy water that would have done the trick.

Rick Cantwell says:

wow acetone? you dodged a bullet…..

Jeffrey Patnaude says:

It might be important to mention that all of the acetone creates an explosive concentration in the air. 
If anyone is thinking about doing this in the basement DO NOT repeat what this guy did, it’s pretty foolish. Why is it foolish? Because vapors could get into any electrical component in the basement (circuit breaker, furnace…) and ignite causing an explosion.
A better method would to just use borax and brush away or a detergent. Acetone isn’t a very good cleaner for polar compounds.

Pizzscotti Dangerously Good says:

How long does the gloss last. I have a painted concerete floor all inside the bottom floor of our home. I just want to make it glossy as it is very dull. If I use the Behr Well look hi gloss will it last a long time?

Luke Brizendine says:

You know that dirt your sweeping up off the floor the second time, is the dirt from the broom.

Susan Harrison says:

Thanks for your video. Not just showing how, but listing the materials and price is super helpful. I will start mine is a few weeks.

Mr.Kim Stevens says:


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