How to paint a concrete floor – Step by step guide on how to paint concrete floors. How to paint a concrete floor, this video is a step by step guide on how to paint concrete floors the same process applies for painting most concrete area’s including garage, verandah and laundry floors. High wear area’s would be best painted with a two part epoxy paint.


Jayne Gardiner says:

What the hell is that racket in background, got a gun handy?!!!!

studybug2010 says:

1:34,..uh…….chimp attack…..hello??? now’s a good a time as any to click pause, go inside and wait it out!

Tim Power says:

At 7:00 how many tried to clean their phone screen off??

Good video!

Joshua Prentice says:

I think something is dieing in the background, it’s making me anxious

Coach Abhi says:

Is this a waterproof paint?

A Estrada says:

Can the driveway be painted I have oil on mine and can’t remove it with cleaner

Rick Berdeski says:

1:32 jurrasic park

David Zuric says:

Hi Great video.Now which point do you recommend for single car garage and do I need to buy two-pack epoxy? Also does it need polyurethane clear coating since there is going to be some so un hitting the first meter from the garage door? Thanks in advance if you can send a this advice as soon as you can!

walkwitmeh427 says:


UncaTuck says:

Beautiful, thank you.

Kevin Perez says:

Great job brother, thanks

Black Rock says:

Is the acid safe to use inside a basement?

Jerry Lee Kersey says:

Where’s he painting at? I didn’t know jungles had concrete. Sounds like he’s about to be eaten by a Dinosaur

brian kotze says:

Thanks for the great info

Sea Life says:

I’m wondering if pool muratic acid will work as an etch

coolal19 says:

Technically speaking, those parrots ARE dinosaurs.

Sue Charvis says:

Thank you, you’ve given me the confidence to paint the closet floor instead of tiling it! Sue from the UK but painting in the Caribbean.

ESTADOUNIDENSE Mexfortuna says:

Sounds easy and clear to me as a female. I’ll try it .his accent was distracting though.

sapher2020 says:

Easy As!!

Deepika Srinivasan says:

What is the paint name? Is it available in india?

Salitha Jagernath says:

Thank you for a detailed video, much appreciated. How should I seal cracks on floor before painting.

Swaglodyte Dad says:

Yo thanks for the paint advise can you film the bird fights so maybe we could get some bets in?


Acid? What acid?

Drummers Eve says:

Clever girl….

Thomas Oxford says:

I watched that entire video. I don’t actually have anything that needs painting at present… Time to get a hobby, I fear.

Uptown_to_wall_street says:

Awesome! Thank you!

Dessert Man says:

This is hard work I have done my garage floor several times. It sure keeps your garage in top shape and it is easy to keep clean afterwards!!

JBIRD575 says:

How long before u sand what grit of sandpaper ???

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