How-to Leveling a Concrete Floor and Making It Smooth Like a Mirror Mryoucandoityourself

Here is how-to leveling/patch a concrete floor. You should follow a few simple steps to get good results, but if you need it look like a mirror you need a bit practice.
– Concrete Mixer for barrel –
– Dewalt Drill for Mixer –
– Straight Edge 10 Ft. –
– Spike Roller –
– Gauge Rake with Sleds –
– 15 Gal Mixing Barrel –
– Concrete Finishing Trowel –
– Mapei L Primer
– Mapei Novoplan 2 Plus 50 lbs. Professional Self-Leveling Underlayment

Canon T5i –

Favorite tools:
– Dewalt Miter Saw –
– Dewalt Table Saw –
– Dewalt 18 Ga nail gun –
– Dewalt 16 Ga nail gun –
– Ridgid Vacuum –
– Makita Jig Saw –
– Makita Cordless Tool Kit –
– Laminate cutter –
– Rubber Mallet –
– Rockwell Versacut Saw –
– Fein Multimaster –
– Undercut Saw –
– Sliding T-Bevel –
– Hot Glue Gun –
– Adhesive Gun –
– Construction Adhesive –
– Wood Glue –
– Tongue and Groove Glue –

Stairs installation:
– Stair Tread Gauge –

2.Floor leveling:
– Concrete Mixer for barrel –
– Concrete Mixer for backet –
– Dewalt Drill for Mixer –
– Straight Edge 6 Ft. –
– Straight Edge 8 Ft. –
– Straight Edge 10 Ft. –
– Spike Roller –
– Gunite Shoes –
– Self-Leveling Kit –
– Gauge Rake with Sleds –
– 15 Gal Mixing Barrel –
– Dewalt Laser Level –
– Concrete Finishing Trowel –
– Mapei T Primer
– Mapei L Primer
– Mapei Novoplan 2 Plus 50 lbs. Professional Self-Leveling Underlayment

Subfloor Preparation:
– Dewalt Grinder 7 inch –
– Dust Shroud 7 inch –
– 7 Inch Turbo Diamond Cup Wheel –
– Cyclone Separator –

Wall Protection:
– Foam Seal Roll –
– Hand-Masker Dispenser –
– Masking Paper –
– Hammer Tacker –
– 1/2-Inch Staples –
– Caulk Plus Silicone –

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darren henry says:

Great video thanks for the lesson.

W Ippolito says:


Brandon Weldon says:

If I plan on using a grinder on the high spots and leveler on the low spots, which order should I do them in? I was thinking maybe use the grinder first so that the leveler will adhere better to the virgin surface?

Luke Parker says:

Hot tip, just get a good concretor. All this is then unnecessary.
Cleaning prior to priming using a broom is useless unless you vacuum afterwards it leaves a lot of fine dust which the primer is then sitting on. Also with your priming, check with the manufacturer specs but with most by pouring it on the primer can go on too thick and delaminate from itself.

john Colley says:

nice to see someone who knows what they are doing

Ben Hodson says:

Or you could invest in a floor surface laser level (Such as the Bosch GSL2) and do it properly. This is useless because if the floor is not level around the outside then the straight edge will follow that contour. A said already flat doesn’t mean level.

Antonio Stradivarius says:

Great videos mate. Subscribed!

Luis R says:

Where can I get one of those…

Emkay 4Q2 says:

I think my blood pressure went up 30 points listening to the AWFUL music…very irritating!

goodcat1982 says:

that’s not how you level a floor, it’s how you flatten a floor..

Dainius G says:

You really shoud take that straight edge and show us how good that sublfloor is once it`s dry….

Jerry Eyong Ayuk says:


Mr Magoo says:

fam, you got beats lol

Liz Lawrence says:

Unlike most of the commentators, I love the music! Would genuinely love to know the track – ta very much 🙂

nonya buisness says:

always do your wall lines first.

Ben Hodson says:

Also one major issue not mentioned here. There is a minimum thickness you should apply levelling compound. If you are literally scraping it across the floor less than 3mm thick it dries with no strength like egg shell and could come off; Particularly important if flooring needs adhering to the surface like LVT. This is the primary task in my job.  We achieve flat, level smooth and strong latexed surfaces for the flooring industry using a surface laser level.  Its literally the only way to do it properly.

Bob Counts says:

try using the sound volume button on your device – it is a great feature.

David Smith says:

how can it be self leveling compound if you are leveling it?

Larry Tate says:

Amazing but you def have experience doing this right?

katchaner says:

I do not see any smooth like mirror thing ?

Dan Johnson says:


Eddie Caballero says:

wow great video! i was about to start installing my hardwood floor when my neighbor told me to check for gaps using the same tool your using in the vid and sure enough i found a few gaps, when he told me it was easy i was hesitant but so far I have done texture, paint, tile removal myself so why stop there, searching on youtube, see several different methods, great ones but looks like they have the crew to do it, this video was exactly what i was looking for and cant wait to get started, thanks again!

Mookey The Pimp Thompson says:

Dude , you’re fuckin awesome. Great job!

Dainius G says:

Come to UK I`ll show you some uneven subfloors ;]]]

the shop says:

another “mute” before watching video

Erin Pugliese, B.S. says:

Very good visual example…what resurfacer did you use? I will do some research on resurfacer myself, I will let everyone that is interested what I find. erin

Jenna Harrington says:

This video is informative but it only shows how to fill a void, not level a floor. To level a floor properly takes time, money and a lot of skill. You have to flood the entire floor at least 3mm higher than the highest point, using a stand up rake and trowel. Also, the primer should be applied using a broom, not roller. The roller won’t get into cracks etc and the subfloor should be ground back to rough it up for substance e. g. paint to be removed and good primer bonding. Ardex is the best possible product, not Mapei. They’re cheap but they don’t offer a 10 year guarantee. Ardex are the only ones that do. Great gap filling though.

TubbyTimmy says:

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now in my living room – I’m just afraid to get started. I know I’m gonna screw it up 🙂

holodrio 17 says:

what kind of primer did he use?

wildflame1000 says:

Very helpful, thanks for sharing. Which brand of resurfacer do you use?

Joku says:

I tried this and now there are more high and low spots before. I’m so bummed, i dont know what to do. is it normal to do multiple coats?

andy jacks says:

hey Mr ycdiy, this is from inside, what product is good for outside slab, patio?

Gil B says:

this video would have been really interesting without that stupid music

EdZeGnar says:

so wetter the cement the smoother?

Jake Bowman says:

Where do you get a spiked roller and do you do this before the leveling starts to set up?

Bob Jordan says:

What material is that straight edge made out of? Aluminum?

poodlestix says:

Nice video, but I have a few questions. If you’re going to do a large area at once (living room, dining area, hallway, closet, foyer, etc), how do you map out the area? How do you figure out the highs and lows as well as the highest point of the whole floor area? Where do you start? If you use self-leveling compound in one floor area, and you’re going to do the whole house with the same tile, wouldn’t you have to use it all through the rest of the house? How do you guarantee that all of the floors will end up being the same height? Thank you for your time.

iceberg4436 says:

How long does it take that level fluid to set?

JARED says:

Edit title to: How to spread concrete

Matthew Good says:

this is shocking, you will not level anything just get rid of dips here and there. whats the point in putting tape 6 inch above the floor?youd be better of screeding the whole floor with a trowel throw that straight edge away its no good for self leveling screeds. floor layer 20 years experiance

Ken Hyde says:

What an asinine video. Learn the actual definition of leveling. The only thing that this guy is doing is filling the low spots of the floor. Flat does not mean level.

AC81 says:

you should check-out ARDEX K60 ….Saves time and money. NO PRIMER. I use it on all my jobs where I got 1/2″ deflection. Plus ARDEX started the entire self-leveling industry, so if I can get a premium product for around the same price, I’m always going that route .   its a game changer to me

j m says:

It’s annoying to have to read everything. A verbal narrative would be helpful. Thx. For the help!

Harex Canada says:

Sweet !!!! And At Harex we are about keeping it crack free

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