How to Clean and Shine Polished Concrete Floors

One of the oldest types of flooring has found new life as an economical choice for use in a variety of public and private facilities. New techniques are helping transform drab concrete floors into attractive surfaces that require less maintenance. Concrete Polishing is making concrete a viable flooring choice for retailers, schools, restaurants, and many other types of commercial buildings.
The initial polishing of concrete floors requires the hiring of professionals that utilize specialized equipment. Over time, wear and tear causes the floor to lose its shine and may necessitate the floor to be re-polished. This type of floor is not maintenance free and can get very expensive if not regularly maintained.
New technology is helping reduce the cost of polished concrete, while at the same time maintaining the newly polished look.
The Multi-Clean Crete-TEK System offers a simple approach that helps keep polished concrete floors looking great while eliminating the need to go through an expensive re-polishing.
The Crete-TEK system uses a 3 step process using chemicals and diamond impregnated floor maintenance pads. These products and pads can also be incorporated with a high-RPM autoscrubber. These scrubbers operate at 400 RPM or higher and can help improve cleaning efficiency and increase shine.
Step1: Protect from stains with Crete-Guard.
Crete-Guard is a stain protectant for polished concrete that penetrates the pores of the concrete and forms a water and oil repellent seal on the surface of the concrete, all without leaving a film or coating. Crete-Guard can be applied to newly installed polished concrete or to existing polished concrete after a deep cleaning scrub.
Step 2: Clean and harden with Crete-Clean.
Crete-Clean is a polished concrete cleaner and degreaser with special additives to harden and densify while cleaning. Crete-Clean uses green technology to eliminate dirt, oil, and grease build-ups while hardening the concrete with each cleaning. Pair Crete-Clean with a high-grit diamond pad and a high-speed autoscrubber for best results.
Step 3: Bring back the shine and appearance with Crete-Shine.
Crete-Shine is a polished concrete restorer that helps to bring back the polished appearance of older or worn floors. There are 3 ways to use Crete-Shine. 1 – Spray burnish with a high-speed burnisher. 2 – Mop it on, let it dry, and follow with a high-speed burnisher. 3 – Run Crete-Shine through a high-speed autoscrubber. Regardless of the method of application, pair Crete-Shine with a high-grit diamond pad on your burnisher or autoscrubber for the best shine.
Maintaining the shine of polished concrete has never been simpler with Multi-Clean and Crete-Tek.
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