Ebony And Turquoise Acid Stained Basement Floor

Acid Stained Concrete Can Really Make An Impression On Your Bare Concrete Floors! This Ebony And Turquoise Combination Leaves No Doubt That Acid Staining Is An Exciting Way To Go And Very Very Economical! www.ConcreteDesignSystems.Com


Sequoia Wade-Dunleavy says:

I’m curious about the preperation.. Did they etch or grind it before you came in?

Jim Kowalski says:


Josh Declerck says:

How much per square foot would it be to have you do this exact design and color on my basement. 430 square feet approximately. Concrete is trowel finished and super clean

Brian Joseph says:

Great job guys! Thanks for the info. Beautiful!

gabriel cain says:

Wow! What a great job!

Gonzalo Andres Ramírez Agudelo says:

Good job


May I ask what kind and Brand of urathane you used And with high traffic what would you recommend I can do the epoxy floors all day long, getting supplies is a pain but I am doing My own patio and I want it to be PERFECT. Thanks in advance

Chad Grybko says:

LOVE this!! Currently building a 3 bay attached residential garage about 1000sf that will be used for parking and light mechanic work / tinkering. Pouring the floor next week and was considering polishing or epoxying it, but I think staining similar to this with a good sealer over the top will give me the look I’m after and be more economical.
What sealer did you use/would you recommend that will hold up to garage traffic and winters here in Massachusetts?? Slippery when wet?
I wish you guys were here in the northeast, I’d have you come do it in a second!

Zakary Hoppe says:

Hey Kent. Is there a company you buy your stain from or a company you’d recommend to buy the materials through

Kent Eddington says:

Thanks for the compliment, Teresa!

Stacy Wheeler says:

Absolutely beautiful! Is there a way to add something that would keep it from being slick? My dogs would hate it.

J. T. says:

Truly fantastic!

Blackiti Katt says:

HIDEOUS!!! it looks like a nuclear accident or a toxic spill!

Dillon Gipple says:

What brand of stain did you use? I can’t find those colors anywhere. Looks very cool by the way!

David MC says:

‘m from another country, I can not find the prepared products.
Do you know what the different sulfates are to color the cement with acid? Thank you!

James Murray says:

where do you get the stains and sealer?

Kent Eddington says:

‭1 (801) 568-3509‬….
9587 S 500 W, Sandy, UT 84070
United States

SCJMO says:

How would that hold up on a driveway in the Midwest? I’d guess it would fade out as salt and ice jacked up the surface.

augusto sanabria says:

Great. Looks like a jamaican beach.

jon bon says:

so after applying the 2 colors of stain you just let it dry correct? You didnt broom it in or anything like?

daniel gütter says:

Hallo Kent. We love Your turquoise-brown floor, really looks like a coral reef in paradise. How can we get in touch with You, we would like to let our bathroom look the same 😉 is it possible to get Your Webpage or phone Nummer, we hope to be able to get in touch with You! Many greetings 🙂 Daniel

Mrhammerz says:


Kent Eddington says:

24-hours dry time….flood Only – Nothing more to it!

Shawn Cravens says:

Wow! Beautiful!

Teresa Murnock says:

This is stunning! Thank you for the video and inspiration!

Poellnitz Poellnitz says:


Kent Eddington says:

Sure…I’d be happy to help!
Just send me an email from the “Contact Form” and we’ll get you hooked up?

viceb7 says:

Beautiful colors!

Mohamad Rafet says:

Was that primer poured on so as to adhere the poly to it? As I understand it, a primer is used so as to adhere something to it. Always loved turquoise and rustic mix. Built a house which is still in a concrete state. This would be a good idea.

bamlin52 says:

Looks Awesome. Excellent. Great video. Are you in the UK?

Esquivel Pablo says:

nice work

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