DIY Basement Floor Stain and finish, 2 colors, Without Etching!

Will this project work without spending the big $$ on the Etching chemicals that are ‘recommended’ to help open the pores of the concrete up?? We think so 🙂 Check out the results of a 3 part process: A) Apply brown stain covering everything, B) Dab some black stain randomly to break up the brown color, and C) apply clear coat to finish it off. Its that simple. See how it looks….



Floors look good. Mrs. Kapper does good work.

Rico NextLevel says:

Does this work if floor has already been painted?

lakesideranch says:

2 thumbs up from here, great job Mrs K

cordell dutoit says:

Looks great

Amelia Roque says:

What product/brands and how did she dab the black stain :

Keith Writer says:

I’m diggin’ this! It’s MUCH better than a boring solid color. Very cool….and no toxic acid!

misterringer says:

Looks great. So, how has it held up after a year? I am getting ready to do something similar hopefully and would love to skip etching.


Nicholas Guenther says:

Just curious as to how this stain has held up since you originally did it? looks like its been a year?

Cory Martin says:

That looks AMAZING MRS. K!

Nick Romano says:

Kap can you use that on a garage floor? Will it standup to tire heat? what do you use for the clear coat?

Merve Merve says:

I love the bare concrete

Darryl Griffin says:

Awesome look Kap

Marvin Werner says:

Love it…. looks great!!

Peewee.31 says:

I used to get a bit of water in the basement of my first house, but my wife wanted a hardwood floor look, so we stained the floor, and put lines down with a sharpie and sealed it and it looked like flooring!

Abby Ford says:

Hey we are doing this this weekend! When you dabbed in the black how did you do it? Did you use a paint brush?

Walker Outdoors says:

That is awesome nice work Mrs. Kapper!!!

arkansas13 says:

Excellent, SUPER NICE looking job Mrs. K!!!!. Keep Joe knocked out of the way and ‘getter done’.

sarah Martinez says:

What tools did you use to apply the brown stain and the clear coat?

Trespassing Into The Wild says:

Mrs. Kapper All I Can Say is WOW !!! I♡ That Floor, That’s Crazy what 30$ can do to a house . Kappers Castle ♡♡♡♡

IfUonlyknew says:

Thanks! Great vid

Michael Bass says:

if ßhe would have added metal flake to it like gold flake it would look amazing.

tylert0001 says:

Post a video in 6 months when it starts peeling up due to your lack of prep.

Ronald Gaska says:

The floor looks great! Design on a dime. The Kapper Team is getting it done! $30 a can with amazing results. Awesome! I so want that Kapper Lake to rise.

Gary Crumrine says:

Looks good. Your wife is so talented and artistic. Her projects around the homestead are really nice.

Michael Bowen says:

Really nice floor

John Warden says:

Hey Joe, doesn’t that Kioti have air conditioning, lol

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