Concrete Staining Guide – 7. How to Wax Concrete Floors

Concrete Staining Guide – Part 7. How to Wax Concrete Floors and Exterior. This section focuses on applying Mop on Style Floor Wax to concrete floors, driveways, pool decks, patios, walls, statuary, and more. Learn how to stain concrete, seal concrete, and wax floors with the helpful tips and instructions found on the Concrete Staining Guide. Sponsored by Concrete Camouflage.

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Jeff Tircuit says:

I have just watched all 7 segments on concrete staining guide, Thank You!
One quick question. Would it be a good idea to finish the process with a commercial wax in a outdoor application, such as a carport or outside back poarch? Will the wax finish make the surface to slick when wet even with a light broom finish?
Thank You again.

Dawn Teeters says:

Love love love all the videos. Very easy to understand. Quick question? Do you have to wax the floors after you seal? I do not want the floors to be shiny and it seems like that’s what the wax is for. If I don’t have to wax, should I seal it 3 times instead of twice?

Chris Nelson says:

There are lot of helpful videos on the process of acid-staining an interior concrete floor, but this guy’s vids are some of the best I have seen. Straightforward, full of great tips and accurate. Thanks for helping to make this project go easier

Richard Newcombe says:

outstanding instructional video series! I’ve been looking for any information on this subject/process and it is very difficult to get straight answers or to find someone who actually knows the subject. I’ve got a 20×20 great room I’ve prepared (pulled carpet, removed paint {at great expense of labor]),after watching your series I can proceed with some degree of confidence. Thank you again!

Sparky McStinkleStein says:

Thank you. Can you recommend a wax?

Sparky McStinkleStein says:

If you seal the floor why do you have to apply the wax?

Riley Keen says:

thank you!

sean donnelley says:

Hello again. Thank you very much for your reply. So I have a couple more questions for you if you don’t mind. I’m getting ready to go ahead with my interior stain project and it’s been hard for me to find the acid stain in my area. I live in CA so they don’t sell it at Home Depot or Lowes. The product I found is called Blush tone acid stain by Brickform. On their color pallet it shows the stain color alone and then the color using a white overlay which they said was like a primer. Are you

sean donnelley says:

Awesome set of videos. Thank you very much for posting them as they are the best explained and most informative I’ve found on You Tube. I am getting ready to change the nasty carpet in my house and i was initially going to do laminate but this is a way better option. I just wonder what advice you have or a video link on getting the “faux” look I think it’s called? Also, if I was going to use a stencil design what stage of the process would I do that? Thank you so much for your time and videos.

Christina Colletti says:

Wow what great videos! I feel like I can do this. Great Details. Exactly the info I was looking for. Of course I also have a question.

Our slab has a lot of bumps from the tools the contractor used when smoothing the slab. What advice do you have for making it as smooth and even as we can get it? Should we rent one of those grinder machines to smooth it? Thanks!

steven hutcheson says:

How slippery is the floor after you have done all the steps? I want to do this over my whole house but I am afraid it may be too slick. Could you add any grit to the sealer?

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