Taking a bath in pure candle wax at 70 degrees isn’t good.

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Blast from the past says:

Set fire to your balls #TGF do it

Jake Sherrard says:

Your dog is so cute just jumps in for a sleep

alyeexa yeeed says:


jayson saint louis says:

All yer sperms r ded


White Frosting

N8vGamer 03Boy says:

Damn that bathtub has seen and been through some shit throughout the years hasn’t it?

VlogSmith says:

Freezing body in ice

Sion Paz says:

Omfg I think the funniest yt ever

Maddison York says:

I dont know how you can do this to yourself.

Tristin Smith says:

Drink hotsause like it’s water

Daisy Rawlins says:

Bath in lynx deodorant

Rosewin13 says:

Why at 3:07 is there a dildo on the window

Chantelle washby says:

Bath in chocolate

yumi_kidd says:

Jigsaw 2

red is dead 2 says:

Ass reavel hahahahah I’m dying

i love food says:

Is it just me or does jay look like jesse pinkman off breaking bad

Michael Green says:

64 degree burns are a good thing. -64 degree burns are a bad thing

Jonghyun, I miss you says:

rip sperm

Crispy says:

they get stuck all the time jesus

alyeexa yeeed says:


Panda_Bun 303 says:

I like to stick my finger in melted candle wax…

Marjenne Lucas says:

Song at 1:33??

Caleb Steen says:

I love it but is he allowed to show his bum on YouTube

Gregory Bakes says:

Bathe in horse manure bro! Straight shit!

broadway GATTAG says:

Instantly likes video

The Racer-Fourwheelers and Livestreams says:

best you tubers

Moppy says:

Do it in Wax

EMT Brown says:

You had 61 more degree burns then is possible.

Andrew Ramirez says:

Best videos on youtube

Dave Hanson says:

That’s a lot for some virgin media.

Rainsstorm says:

do one in slime or glass putty

Brandon Brach says:

At first I really enjoyed y’all videos. But now they are just annoying as fuck!!!!. The over reacting just is childish and annoying. And how the fuck do u play in the wax for several minutes…giving it time to cool. Then u sit in it as it’s cool down alot. then all the sudden ur ur foot starts to burn.. Keep in mind it has had time to fully dry so that u are semi stuck.. make no damn sense dude.. Jesus I’m thinking about unsubscribing so bad

Warrior Gaming says:

I stumbled along this channel at 1am. What is this

The God Emperor of Mankind says:

1:19 someones mom is so done.

Anthony Pringle says:

Jay: punch the like button

Me: crap I cracked my phone

oskar.coghlan says:

Jay you new hair cut makes you look like a penis



elias fordjour says:

marshmello bath

MrDonTouCh31 says:

Outro song please ?

Derek's Rat says:



BODBROCH Bremner says:

You should have worn a boiler suit

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