White & Black Marble Epoxy Floor

Check out this new technique and look, you’ll be glad you did!

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Kimberly Smith says:

Looks awesome! Is the floor slippery when done? Would love to do this in my basement over concrete but concerned about kids slipping and sliding on it!

Nana Adjei says:

Nice video…
My question is, does your product work in some parts of Africa where the temperature is mostly hot?
Like I’m considering cracks and all that due to the heat here

Walking Angel-7 says:

How long does this last?

Adeeb Asmar says:

Beautiful. I love this floor.

Warley Nobre says:

olá ,adoro os vídeos de voçes, estou tentando ganhar a vida com resina aqui no brasil, eu percebi que os ferramentarios de aplicaçao qui voçes usam sao bem simples esse rolos e rodos sao bem comun ne?

TUBI says:


Evelyn Delgado says:

I have three questions. What in the world you have on your sneakers? Do you sell that too? Can the spray (vein effect) be used on counter tops?

G SPIKE says:

WHEN pool epoxy

scott hughes says:

where do you get that spray product?

erik pinelli says:

gosto muito dos trabalho de vocês gostaria de adquirir esse conhecimento através de vídeos aulas como posso adquirir… obrigado

Tanya J. Lapira says:

That’s pretty cool!

rodrigo lopez says:

Okeeey HERE COMES THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION!! How long does it last on floors lets say at a supermarket

Roxann Ritchie says:

Do you have a Canadian distributor? I’d like to order your products. I’m in Ontario.

James Patrick says:

Have you ever looked at real marble? The Montana-Cans spray looks like a great product but you need to work on your technique. Your floor just looks real busy paint. Try fogging some color for shading and then a LOT LESS spray for the realistic lines.

Kenny Barabino says:

I want to do this as a profession you guys hiring…. I’m an auto painter by trade and I love a challenge…

Grace M says:

Curious can you go over a ceramic tile floor??

Paula Wall says:

It looks pretty cool !

grandn 86 says:

where do you get the shoe spikes that your wearing?

Marilee Meiwes says:

Can you do this process on counter tops? This is awesome!

grandn 86 says:

also can I use the balance of the same product to do small counter tops in kitchen too?

Truth Seeker says:

Now that is too cool!

ahamed.m.s.a mohamed thoufiq says:

What is the material used for top coat the scratch proof

Trinity Decorative Concrete And Construction says:

Looks nice man…

dzikri dzikri says:

Mantap bro

Toni K says:

Wish you could come do mine …but my question is what did you have on your shoes when you walked on it?

tmr626 says:

I’ll bet this white based floor would also look great if the veins were sprayed in multi-colours too. How about a blue based floor with yellow, red and green multi-coloured veins etc., or even a black based floor with blue, yellow, orange and green veins? When it comes down to it, there are way too many combinations to list for a great floor. Good stuff guy’s!

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