Metallic Marble Epoxy Flooring Basement Floor – How To Give Concrete The Metallic Look

The Metallic Epoxy Flooring is one of the hottest flooring systems on the market. Our Metallic Marble Stain provides a rich marble like luster with the durability of concrete. Learn more at


Glitch says:

Awe man, ….why not show the process? Very nice indeed though.

felipe calderon says:

hey im from mexico where can i buy that product for my concrete  and is it just paint you put in to the concrete and let it dry and does it looks shine like that when it dries i need more info thanx

se7encapadon says:

Ok thanx 🙂

se7encapadon says:


john brown says:

what colors did you use

Kenny Sanders says:

I’m from Indiana. can you come do mine?

anthony star says:

looks nice

Sasha Berry says:

xd r

JAY j says:

What’s the price tag on a project like that?

se7encapadon says:

Can u get that same effect out of different colors say black and orange? Thanx

ronald black says:



How, it is easy to have scratches

misha says:

What do u use to fill In the holes from the carpet? Or cracks?

Ben Calhoun says:

Well, I see that it got done but the title says “How To” and I didn’t really see that!

macplastering says:

looks gooood

se7encapadon says:

Wish you showed step by step on how you achieved that look

Elliott Hearne says:

Are there any upcoming classes in February or March

Harry Balls says:

really nice.

Despina Metakos says:


Adrian Young says:

apparently if you want it it will show up magically. that’s how

The Concrete Protector says:

We’ve got training coming up on Jan 30th & 31st.  We train on this and a bunch of other cool concrete finishes!  I also teach some good stuff on

se7encapadon says:

Can u use different colors??

Jensen Mamaril says:

Hey where can i buy these materials? Im out in Hawaii and theirs no company here has it or that brings it in.

EastendBillythekid says:

Very nice

So Soap says:


Marisela Romero says:

What did u use & how did u apply it? We are doing stain, & it’s not working out

حياه مستمره لاكن اين الهدف says:

Hello I’m young I like to have my own business and your work very liked and I’m interested in learning the steps and the type of colors and materials used in flooring work colored bright and I ask you a tutorial in detail and I will be grateful to you Arjumenkm tutorial your work details because he is wonderful with all the details and the steps and I hope his book the names of colors, materials and modus operandi step by step with the time for each step, and I will be thankful you definitely

jesse james says:

Can you apply on a hardwood floors

Stephen Calamia says:

wow how much does this cost? I’d like my studio to have this done.

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