Metallic Epoxy Coating | Marble Design over Wood Sub-floor Tutorial

This video will show you how to apply a Metallic Epoxy coating over a wood sub-floor.

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Scot Chaffin says:

Seriously, what’s with the guy who is intentionally stepping all over the lines while the other guy is being careful around them?

ButtonDeity says:

what kind of shoe covers are you wearing? you did great job. when you stepped in the base coat it didnt even make a mess

GeneSun says:

Nice work!
I bet the soles of your shoes are gorgeous and never wear out too.

roland skur says:

this looks awful!!!!

Shavauna Ronan says:

The floor is beautiful! With white cabinets it would totally enhance the floor.

frank rodriguez says:

I’m sorry but this was the worst  Marble design and work I’ve ever seen done, if this was my kitchen you guys would have came back just to try to take it off or something, I wouldn’t even want you guys to even try to fix or put down something else to try to fix this mess, I’m sorry guys but this is really bad work! good idea but very bad work! what a mess! if I was the home owner I would just put some out side green rug or something to better this. If I had to look at this mess every day it would really have me thinking, ( what was I thinking)! My wife would have killed me or thought this is some kind of joke I’m playing on her!

DeeDah says:

Look Fellas–If you are going to try to make a deliberately FAKE marble floor, you did a good job. But you know nothing about how marbling forms in nature.

Zulay Hernandez Ventura Contanzo says:

do i do that all the same day or day by day after everydry

Tom Johnson says:

How strong is the odor/fumes?

52Mirza says:

You step right over it and yet does not leave footprints. Remarkable.

smb12321 says:

Need some kind of commentary! How long do you wait> How thick are the lines? What keeps them from chipping off? Is the epoxy transparent? More info next tie

Jose Castillo says:

Were can i buy it thank you looks wonderful

A says:

I think it looks far too exaggerated and ugly..Looks fake not soft like real marble veins.

Kathleen Wilson says:

I would like to have this done to my bathroom floor, but my husband is worried that because we have a basement and, therefore, wooden floors in the bathroom, that the movement of the wood when you step on it, would eventually ruin the floor. What is your experience with this?

raynutty82 says:

That looks like a 20,000 floor! Great job!!!

Adan M says:

Looks like the house was built on a brain…

Irene Fung says:

Can I do this over a laminated floor instead?

pasha white says:

great job

James McCaslin says:

is that approx…3ft spacing in between ??

Andres R says:


Kimberly Meyers says:

How do you get the “bubbles” to rise to the top and pop?
And what the heck is on your shoes that they don’t make prints while you’re working?
Super cool!


that looks great guys! but the music almost made me cry

Bo Diddly says:

looks like shit

Alizure smith says:

can this product be used on particle board kitchen cabinets?

1964AAlexx says:

Very nice, but why such deadly music?

Karl Bat says:

Absolutely gorgeous!

ThomasTheSailor Chubby says:

That’s not finished, ya gotta pull the tape off. I wanna see the edges, hopefully neat n clean.. Quality is in detail. The pattern is totally cool. But, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings…

Bob Rubbi says:

nice BUT mute come ON what a wst of tim!!!

tammy blabla says:

That is an awesome one! I’d love to do mine like that but the background with red/orange metallic… it would look like LAVA!

L.A.Sharp says:

it looks good….But…too many dots. that ruins the look. I would think it would need another clear cover coat

Karl Bat says:

I live in Guatemala and I am thinking about doing this on a Cement floor. If in the future I change my mind, can I remove this or would I just tile over the top?
Thanks for the inspiration.

Denis Han says:

does it feel soft to walk on?

Glenda Bailey says:

i need my bathroom done !

Rene Rodriguez says:

what color is that pearl?

Tad pole says:

this is awesome. I know what I’m doing to my kitchen now

Joseph Underwood says:

I’m a sub specializing in special resilient Flooring, a vinyl mechanic by trade. I really like this stuff and it looks easy as long as you followed mixing specs to a T. Very nice work. I know there’s more to it than painting a floor. It’s an art. Great job guys

SnailSpeedSlow says:

imma give it a 7-10 year wait time, see what people’s feedback gonna be on durability and looks. if it last atleast 7 years, tile is pointless to me.

Sean Quinlan says:

I am looking to do the floor in my business. It is a wooden subfloor and was curious to how I could go about purchasing the things needed to do it or if I even can.

Zates says:

Beautiful! How long until it can be walked on?

George Roach says:

Can this product be used on an exterior deck with winter temperatures of minus 30 celcius without cracking?

Neb Trekciw says:

Can you list the steps and where to purchase the materials?

Through Our Eyes says:

Heard epoxy would crack when put over top of wood…. How’s the floor holding out? Any update videos?

bloatedman says:

Can you paint cars with this product?

Candace Hood says:

It’s strange how they are able to walk on it and it not mess up.

David Davies says:

Great job. How come your feet doesn’t affect the patterns you’re doing

Tribulation Prepper says:

STEP 6 SAYS “DO NOT CROSS ROLL THE VEINS. Why does the man in the red hat do exactly that? The veins looks smudged.

Davy Scales says:

interesting floor, nice one.

Bo Diddly says:

id fire my guys if they did shit like that. how much u charge sqft?

kn0ck says:

doesn’t look good at all, looks so fake.

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