Marble Tile Floor Installation Process

Marble Stone installation process, … 100 x 90 cm on floor, …


Shven Dog says:

for 33 years I have been eating marble!! …these guys are monkey’s at best totally love the horrific mess and the way they jst abuse the material scratching it all to hell with the srtaight edge and what the hell is that slurry mess of shit being poured all over the mud bed are you kidding me …….run away from these monsters

Work Pop says:

I can not see any problem about this work. It is perfect tile installation.

Jasraj Garwa says:


孫文文 says:

Excellent DIY video! Thanks for thoroughly explaining how to remove a fiberglass bathtub and what to expect to find hidden behind the walls! I can’t wait to get started on renovating my own bathroom and systematically getting rid of its ugly fiberglass-built-in bathtub ~

Smile Pond says:

Not only a tile master but also a professional cement renderer. Excellent.

Builder Super says:

Excellent builder!

liviz40102 says:

There are always some assholes on YouTube playing expert who probably works at a bank who criticizes good work. Pay them no mind, I am a GC on full house remodels with investors and I would approve of this installation. Good work

Capricorn Paranoid says:

Marble tile is very hard to install, this master is well skilled, good!

Lo Jun Long says:


冠之如 says:


out jump says:


charelie 羅 says:

A good tile master.

Homebuilder Top says:

well done.

Cast In Stone says:

really!!!!!! this is why we get a bad reputation. A screed over finish marble!!! REALLY  !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then u use a rice bowl for spreading mortar, and last, were did u get those $2.00 suction cups, Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Joke!!!!!!

Pu Shin says:

outstanding. good skills is all I can say. So well done .

SHIN LI says:

consummate skill

David Liu says:

Wow~ Very hard work!

Lo Jun Long says:

There are 3 ways to install floor tiles: 1) Hard mud foundation, 2) A wet mud foundation, 3) a half wet and a half dry foundation. However, with marble stone, we use the half wet and half dry mud foundation. We also use the top-down construction method which ensures a more horizontal surface end result. Obviously, Master Tile is using the top-down construction method. Great job! From a home-builder’s perspective, … this is good craftsmanship! Not only a tile master but undoubtedly also a professional cement renderer.

顏子皓 says:


孫文文 says:

Great job .  keep up the good work  .

luw worker says:

good work.

TsuWei Cherng says:

There is no need to criticize. I have seen many many videos now and I found out that it is basically the difference between western and eastern construction. The person in the video apparently is a well known, experienced contractor in Taiwan (I guess) and it is how they do for years without problem.
Great video! Just learned another technique!!

wheelie w says:

total beginners Want a good job don’t listen to these clowns

Jenny wu says:


ilrkrll says:

wrong method…. 

Bare Nekid says:

Nothing wrong with the bedding poured cement slurry method.
What does surprise is the Clear disregard for the final “supposedly mirror polished surface”
Likely those two put 5 years’ wear on it scratching grinding grit into a known Soft material.. it with seemingly no regard.
Possibly the Local standard for surface finish is different’there’.
Simply not acceptable in My part of the world

Steven Dai says:

good job!

sanch Sanchayan says:

Is wooden flooring done in india ? Actual wooden flooring like in the United StateS?

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