Marble Floor in Metallic Epoxy

Check out this video & see how to create a metallic epoxy marble floor using Leggari Products.

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ms doyle says:

What type of material is in the brown vein making stuff? stain, acrylic, ink etc?

Pedro Amorim says:

it is like

Leggari Products says:

The product for the veins is metallic epoxy. The same as the pearl base coat.

Roy Finch says:

could you do that on a wood subfloor?

Chris Nsamba says:

learn how to appreciate guys, seriously, it is an outstanding job for a luxury home. thumbs up to the designers. I wish i could have it in my home one day

Pro Tek says:

when it comes to painting any surface there is nothing like Arabs.

Steven Rodriguez says:

You can see the roller make!!!!

Dino Manfred says:

I thought there would be a link to your site?
I sis not find one…

Maciek Ostrowski says:


MONO 2016 says:


kseries1982 says:

How much does something like this cost?

Rayan Mohamed says:

للطلب جوال 0502423502

Introvert B says:

Not very appealing, just another gimmick for your DIY fanatics.

Roru Loru says:

I don’t like it …it looked better just white..

Константин Филиппов says:

Take the tape from the top place on 2 dark color, then remove the film (cellophane).

Drew Tims says:

Way too much “veining” for my taste. The product looks solid though! I’ll be a customer eventually

What’s the point of withholding ” processing”? Do you send a ” how to” video with the product?

LT Nguyen says:

it looks terrible.

Jakir Ali says:

Wat is sid material piliss ditel me

Dave Lindgren says:

Could this be put on with a 1/8″ squeegee to speed up application?

Gillian Williams Bartholomew says:

how much square feet will a 5 gal white pearl cover

preethi guru says:

who s music is this…. really good

monir eprahim says:

تنفيذ أرضيات ثلاثي الابعاد الرياض 0966598000329

mendocruise says:

4:03 as the roller drips on the new masterpiece

paint kova says:

how much money so he 1m2. how much material from purchase. where do you buy it,thank you

Jamie P says:

I knew it was Bethel Music I was wondering why I started worshipping when I was watching this LOL

Koky Koky says:

Looks to messy. But you guys do some awesome work

Harry Balls says:


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