Marble Carrara Tile bathroom Part 5 Installing the shower floor

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Marble master bathroom with three different sizes of Marble Carrara Marble this is part 4 detailing the steps taken to installing the marble tile in the shower niche. The walls of the shower consist of a six by twelve inch polished Carrara marble installed on a running bond or brick pattern. The tile was installed using a polymer modified thinset and a 3/8”x3/8” square notched trowel. A ledger board was also used to hold the tile off the shower floor to allow the installation of the shower floor before the bottom row of wall tile was installed. The shower will also feature a niche with two shelves, and a bench seat. The shower was waterproofed before any tile was installed. The floor tile in the shower consists of a hexagonal marble mosaic tile. The main floor also a Carrara marble 24×12 inches installed using the MLT leveling system.
All tile installed by Sal DiBlasi, Elite-tile Company, in the Boston North Shore area. This video contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you click on the product link.

Waterproofing Membrane Fabric

Waterproofing Liquid

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dine youssef says:

wowww simply amazing 🙂

Yo Kells says:

Hi I absolutely love your work how do you keep the tiles flush with the drainage pipe

Jennifer Kutner says:

Hi Sal,I accidentally deleted my other comment!Could you tell me the size of the Carrera hex you used here? Thanks!

BodhisattvaIdeal says:

Do you cut the small tiles for filling in edges with wet saw or can you use nips etc?

Also, do you have some play with floor tile distance from wall since wall tile will cover 3/8″ of floor tile edge or do you keep it tight to wall anyway?

Joe Hansen says:

what is the green ? Similar to red guard ?

nicolas osteguin says:

Awesome! What brand of water proof mixture do you use? I’ll upload video of mine, just bought property and my bathroom is still plywood.

jameshill black says:

Would black grout be wrong with white floor tiles

dkettleson says:


I am installing this marble tile on bathroom floor with the 6×8 skirting.  Do you set the trim right on top or do you wedge it to open a grout line.

silvano b says:

HI Sal  canadian tile guy here  like your work ethics keep it up 

Oriane Piskula says:

thanks for the informative and thorough vids! any tips on cutting the tiny hex on the wet saw? did you build a jig to sandwich them and prevent them from sliding under the blade and cracking ? 

Haider Altamimi says:

USA good job

Sal Ferranti says:

Hi Sal, is there any proper way to install tile over a hardwood floor without tearing it out.

Raul H. says:

Sal, I’m a weekend warrior and just wanted to let you know that your videos have been such a helpful resource for me. I’ve learned so much from your channel and you’ve answered so many tile questions. Thanks!

MOSES M says:

Hey there sal, on the grout phase, do you use unsanded grout for marble even though it’s in a shower?

Chris Troxtell says:

Hey Sal, did you publish part 6 of this video showing the last row of tiles and grouting? I see the video is included with the time lapse but I can’t find it in normal speed. Do you seal your marble before grouting?

Ceramictec Tampa Tile Contractor says:

another good video Sal. been doing this for years and its the best way!

David Rivera says:

Installed same flooring in our shower, love the look of it

Giuseppe santagata says:

when I saw this video I thought that only a passionate, virtuous and generous man could work in this way, an Italian
I apologize for being a proud for this

MMBuilders says:

Have you ever had an issue with mosaic tile floor feeling wavy under your feet? Especially when installed on a larger floor. Any idea why this might happen? Any tips to avoid it? We had this problem and had to pay for the entire bathroom floor to be polished level.

Drr magneto says:

i thought marble is bad for bathrooms

Don K says:

Nice work Sal !!

Chris Troxtell says:

Sal I have a couple of questions for you if you have time.
1. What is the subfloor requirements for marble tile? Currently on engineered truss (I think) 2nd floor, joist are 24″ on center with 3/4″ osb. Someone told me I need to add another 3/4″ tongue and groove plywood on top of that.
2. If I do have to add another 3/4″ board my bathroom floor will be a good deal higher than my master bedroom so how do I bridge that gap?
3. When I pull up the old tiles what will I need to do to the flooring to prepare it for the 2nd layer of flooring and Ditra?
Thanks again for the help.

AtlanticAcadian says:

Sal GREAT VIDEOS!!!!!! I got a question for you. When your using river stone or pebbles that are not shaved or flat but rounded on all their tops do you do the same technique where you have the last row of tiles not installed on the lower part of the wall and have the last wall tile on top of the floor tile. I can see how this works for a flat stone or pebble but not sure on a rounded pebble. Whats the proper layout? Shower is all Schulter and Kerdi products with off set drain and Schluter pan and curb.

Melany Whitney says:

Sal, a workman laid a new shower floor on top of my old one., and he didn’t lay it with checking the pitch! So it takes 4 days to fully drain. Now the ya re coming back to pick it up and will redo the pich, but want to grout SAME DAY AS LAYING…Is that OK? Bad to rip up tile from existing or will they ruin the first floor?

jc86 says:

Hey Sal, can you make a video describing how you measure your layouts to start tiling (walls and floors, not shower floors).  Looked through your channel and didnt see any like that. It can get tricky when you have to include the grout size in the measuring.

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