How to seal marble floors

One very important step after you finish your travertine marble floor installation is protect it from the elements and regular wear. apply the sealer few times until you notice the sealer drops stay on the surface like water on top of an oily surface, that is when you know that the surface is protected. Thank you for watching the video. please subscribe for more.


Marble Pimp says:

lolol man thats that hard way, they make applicators for when us pros seal our stone

Marble Pimp says:

Bona is the brand name, well the one I like anyhow lol good luck man

Ashish Srivastava says:

what type of marble is that

knightryderbelow says:

Did you grout the tile?

Donaciano Gonzalez says:

What is abest practice, first seal and then polish or the other way around?

Betsy C says:

Hi may i know what is the brand of the sealant you are using?

Barry Goldwater says:

I just installed cheap polished marble on my master bath floor, but when the installer applied the sealer/impregnator it now has a bit of a dull finish.

It won’t buff at this point, but I tested a small area with car wax and it removes the sealer and shines up better, but I don’t want it to get scratched or stained just from everyday use.

Should I remove and buy a specific sealer for marble as opposed to one the covers travertine, stone, etc…?

Thanks for the video too!

Anine Korb says:

I have put the sealer on the marble tile and it feels sticky.What can possibly be wrong

Mohammed Ali says:

Dude, you rock.

Mary Mathis says:

Hugo, wish you were my next-door neighbor!! I am the dubious owner of some old terra cotta tile floors…I’ve never had them before and am at a loss as to how to maintain. I saw the use of Muratic acid on some other tile floors, I have used the acid to clean sea shells and was very pleased. Thought it might work on my floors, but I hated to jump in without knowing. So, if I use the acid to clean the tiles, do you have a video on how to seal and/or wax them? Gratefully – Mary in N.M.

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