DIY Selfie Station & Marble Flooring – Perfect For Instagram Pics

Hey guys,
Welcome back to my channel, today’s video is for all you selfie takers out there that have been looking for an answer on how to take good instagram pictures!

Well have I got news for you…
I saw this AWESOME as hell video a while back from a girl called Amber Scholl who created a DIY Wall Vanity Mirror to get ready in and so she could take perfect instagrams selfies…

Here’s a link to Amber’s video :

This project is really easy to pull off and simply consists of a few LED lights, a Mirror and some cheap vinyl flooring that you can pick up from the handy store.

I will say in this project I thought the mirror was going to be the most expensive but Jacel and I went to Ikea and scored a HUMONGOUS stave white mirror for 50 bucks!!! Absolute bargain and the most expensive thing was the vinyl and that’s because the space we had was quite large.

The one in Amber Scholl’s video was done in her hall way so it was far narrower than the space we have but never the less we made a kick ass mirror and got some really cute selfies.

If you are looking for ways to take better instagram pictures then I seriously suggest you try this out because honestly there’s nothing better than a full length mirror when it comes to selfies ahha.

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Nando Jay says:

I love amber scholl

Herman says:

love you, love the video! <3 love from denmark

ThePullmymoon says:

Can anything be anymore narcissistic?

BellaKat says:

Good idea, where did you buy the mirror from?

Cameras On K.R. says:

Where are those lights from?

Mitchell Ryan says:

Great video!

Ruxpin Mulroney says:

very interesting! u did a very good job. thank you and stay outrageous! p.s. u look just strictly handsome!

Nico Nico Games says:

could you check out my instagram? I had a bit of a photo shoot. I worked really hard on them. Heres my Insta OneLifePillow

joe g says:

Where are your shorts from? I really like them!

Sam Muir says:

I love the hair vids man!! keep up the good work!

Marco-Sebastian Flores says:

I like how creative you are in the content you make. stay Litty broskiii

Hassan Tariq says:


Ny says:

Where did you get your mirror?

The Gay Guyde says:

That looked really fun to make Thomas, and so easy to do! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Aiden W. says:

I’m early, but I love your videos Thomas!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤

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