Diagonal Herringbone marble tile Bathroom floor with border. Time Lapse

Calacatta Marble tile on a diagonal Herringbone pattern installed over Mapeguard UM on a bathroom floor. This is a Time lapse of a 4″x12″ marble tile installed on a herringbone pattern with border tile of the same size. Herringbone can be a challenging tile pattern to install so it is critical to stay straight and square to keep all the grout lines even and prevent the tile pattern from running off. The tile was installed with a 1/16′ grout line over Mapei Mapeguard UM uncoupling membrane and a grout of similar color to the tile was used to subdue the herringbone pattern a bit. It is important to note, that it is not shown in the video, but the marble tile was sealed before it was grouted.
All tile installed by Sal DiBlasi, Elite-tile Company, in the Boston North Shore area. This video contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you click on the product link.
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chris simon says:

WOW Calacatta Marble is quite an expensive venture for the floor, and herringbone pattern is very time consuming and as always a perfect job Sal!! Btw what size trowel 3/16″?

Tahir Rana says:

Is marble a good idea in bathrooms, a lot of houses in India have marble in bathrooms and after one or two years it looks terrible. People are going the ceramic route not the opposite direction!! I understand that the marble is sealed however one accident with Harpic or any other toilet cleaner and your done.

Myron Smith says:

That floor cost as much as a good used car

pepe flowers says:


William Dean IV says:

Sal – can you share where the client purchased the tile?

David Patheyjohns says:

I take it you do a dry run of the tile laying with spacers and all pre-cut.

John Brady says:

Hi Sal, Any ballpark idea of how much longer does it take to do the herringbone pattern versus a straight running bond?

Joe May says:

Sal, most of the floors you tile look pretty flat. In a previous video you explained that tile levelling systems shouldn’t be used to sort out uneven floors. Am I right in thinking you could you still use a tile levelling system on an uneven floor if you’re bedding up the adhesive to the required thickness in problem areas ? Here in the UK a lot of screeds are uneven and it’s common practice to build up certain areas of the floor by packing up the tile. Will the levelling system work with a thicker bed of adhesive or is it just for flat floors where the minimum bed of adhesive is required ?

Blane Traver says:

Beautiful work,I’m a tile installer in upstate NY and have been watching your videos for years.I have learned a lot from you.Thank you for your videos.Keep up the amazing work!

Mohamed Asem says:

You is a good teacher ceramic

teh60 says:

I really like that herringbone pattern, nice job Sal.

J Mase says:

Nice work Sal, did your unsanded grout shrink ? I’ve used a dry method when cleaning unsanded grout off marble and it leaves the joints full and flush with little to no shrinkage.

Questchaun says:

I think I’ll do this in my 2nd floor laundry room! Thanks Sal!

tinkerwest says:

Fantastic workmanship, as usual…

Ask This Old Tile Man says:

I guess a good tip for your audience is to never slide your bucket on marble. It will scratch.

Brian Harrison says:

I’m doing this same tile 12″x24″ vertically in my 36″x 42″x 7′ shower, (I dropped the ceiling over it). I put in a 12″x 12″ niche and I’m using the 2″x 2″ calacatta mosaic for the inset. I’m going to run the mosaic in line with the niche vertically from floor to ceiling and also use the mosaic on the shower ceiling. After seeing this I’m thinking about using this tile on the floor as well… it looks great. I was going to put down teak bamboo flooring throughout the bathroom and walk-in closet, (you have to walk through the closet to get to the bathroom), because I have several boxes of it that I got from a friend for next to nothing. What do you think of using bamboo in a master bath?, (roman tub, shower, toilet, 2 sinks). I have other areas I can use the bamboo if you don’t recommend using it in a wet area. Btw, this is for MY home. Your videos are great. I use them for prep work, cement board, waterproof membrane and such. I’m too chicken to do the tiling and I hire it out after watching professionals do other areas in my house. I’m a carpenter, but what you do takes a lot of experience and talent to get perfection… in my opinion.


Nice work.

Ozzy Armendariz says:

beautiful work my man.

Ruby Arias says:

Loved it!

Matt Pashley says:

Sal as usual a master tiling job. What make or brand knee pads are you wearing? Thanks Matt

Paige says:

Amazing work, as usual. Such a shame that something that beautiful is so high maintenance and delicate. Thank God for porcelain.

Blane Traver says:

What kind of backer are you using?

Miguel Salgado says:

I think it would be helpful if you made a video of how you do your layout for this herringbone style flooring;

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