12″x24″ (30×60) marble tile installation using Perfect Level Master™ T-Lock­™

Perfect Level Master™
Perfect Level Master Crosses

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Perfect Level Master is a tile leveling system that speeds up the process of lying tiles.
It helps you to lay out tiles perfectly and also eliminates inaccuracies in the surface.


Dinosaur Love says:


It is me or your ditra is up side down???
Also that polished marble is for walls not floors( a drop of water equals a broken bone)lol But even saying that looks very good.

I need to experiment those Perfect Level Master I think its a killer.

irfan khan says:

great job

Abdul Hai says:

What is the name of this design ? It looks beautiful

Azurae21 says:

Hi. Find this product to be very interesting. Got a question, What type of grout is most suitable for this type of marmer (white, light grey)? and what spacing distance spacing should be used to make it look like one piece ?

An Loc Joint Stock Company says:

everything is good

Carlos Torres Jimenez says:

Oe si kauza la bulla ta bien relax me tiene mansito bien nice music ja

shaniquaAK says:

Nice music. My husband thought I was watching porn

bhagya raju says:


Richard Carr says:

makes hollows in the tiles because not enough glue at start .

Rc rc says:

hello. where you get those marble tiles please?

Marcelo Arruee says:

Vou trabalhar assim no Brasil

Bénédicte Scuccimarri says:


العبدلي ابواحمد says:


Raul Urias says:


Angel Dominguez says:

donde compro los separadores esos para sujetar.en tabasco

Phyoomz says:

Sounds more like pipe-laying music than tile-laying music. 🙂

Marble Pimp says:

lmao uh I wouldnt set a piece of stone like that for anything!! Man that just kills me to watch that…………..now Im gonna go yell at my helper!!

White Crown says:

Watching this makes me so frustrating since when i was making house renovation i wanted to put real marble tiles so much but because of my low budget all i bought was cheap and ugly porcelain tiles 🙁

Chanz K says:

Bustin nuts on that tile

Raul Urias says:

that’s bad ass man good work

mach smith says:

looks great!

joseph okhotin says:

Question: Are floors must be leveled ?

Drone Beast Mode ON!!! says:

Wow spend the whole just messing with that.

Nik 不屈の Heke says:

Perfect way to break the bond between stone and thinset & and create voids underneith.

jairo cuautle says:

i like the idea i think is wonderful to have a really level floor but i will also have to look at productivity. how much area could a person do in a day and if it could be done in a efficient way to increase speed in layout

Chanz K says:

He looks like porn guy laying tile

dozdeshabb says:

Whats wrong with leveling tiles using your eyes and hands? If you are a pro you should know how to lay marble. If not you should leave it to pros.

chiefpygmy says:

beats using a puck and a level.

Md Nuralam says:

Bangladesh works Malaysia .New dejin..100/ works.

whatburnout says:

It’s a great way to level up your marble. But please if you are going to back butter your marble make sure your corners have complete coverage.thats were it always break

Ail علي says:

عملنه بعراق صعب جدآ ليس ادينه اﻻات نعمل بوسال قديمه

Jay Wilkinson says:

I make love to my tiles to this music….sweet, sweet love

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