♡ DIY || MARBLE FLOORS ♡ (Rent/Apartment safe)

Materials you will need:

Marble floor tiles – Lowes
White Poster board – Dollar tree
Box Cutter

And thats it! You can find most of these at lowes, Walmart or and the dollar tree.
This DIY is very simple, the cutting was probably the hardest part but was still a piece of cake! This DIY is apartment and rent safe, I was lucky enough to be able to take out my baseboards and place them place to keep the floor all together! If you’re not, just put white take over your baseboards and onto your floor to keep it all together, also it looks nicer if your baseboard isn’t white

I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY, if you have any questions at all please let me know. And let me know what you’d like to see next!
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The music in this was done by my amazing cousin Cole, go support him by checking out his soundcloud, and thank you again Cole for letting me use your song in my video!
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Shannon Moffitt says:

Are the tiles themselves sticky?

Electric_Ghetto says:

love this! I was thinking of doing this but I wanted to know how it fares with cleaning? are you able to sweep/vacuum/swifer over it? Can you get these wet? You did a great job!

racermaniak says:

I wonder if there is glow in the dark vinyl titles. that would look pretty cool

Melody Brown says:

U got my upvote

Becky Rivera says:

Does taping it keep it in its place ? How did you tape it ? I know it sounds dumb but I’m somewhat confused because i want to do this but how do you tape it in which it doesn’t go on the tile but stills sticks and doesn’t move ? If you can please post it on one of your social media accounts and I’ll make sure to follow you on them

Lily says:

This is the first time I see a YouTuber chewing gum and idk why I love it

joseph martinez says:

thats a lit tshirt LAKERS all day

Britney Diane says:

Since I’m getting a lot of hate (shocker u try to help others and this happens lol) 
Everyones saying I’m copying ” Amber Scholl ” First, I’m not sure who that is, so I did a quick search and saw she did a lot of DIY’s, cool! Congrats on her, her video is awesome as well! She didn’t disconnect the baseboards like I had to, repaint them, and put back on to place them correctly. I showed that I had to because the man at Lowe’s told me how to do this look. (it’s called a poster board method” Apparently lots of people do it when they don’t want to ruin the floor under! He said to use some tape they sold there to not have it slide because it was a main concern of mine, instead my dad told me to disconnect the baseboards and we wen’t on from there/ Just because a lot of people do this method, doesn’t mean they’ve trademarked the method 🙂 

If you don’t need advice, don’t want to do this project, and just literally hate on everyone bc u just have no life

y u here man

samantha. says:

Can I do this over carpet & how long did this take?

Amaris Cho says:

Does the marble stickers stay the same even if you place heavy book shelves or desk?? Thinking of doing it but just worried if it end up looking cheap (dented or looking too much like vinyl or erupted when you spill water etc)

E-Man Martr_187 says:

Oh and first comment
is that still relevant?

Natasha Jonda says:

I’m really considering doing this. It looks awesome. Love your diy…. did it last a while. I’m worried about it possibly coming apart. I’m in an appartment for eight months with terrible floors. Thanks!

Lucy Hil says:

nice work, the floor looks GREAT , Loose the Gum, and Heavy eyeliner , specially on the inner eye..

Manuel Luna says:

Why bitches are more basic nowadays?

joseph martinez says:

it is helpful your room looks very nice

mrkrazyaznguyizkrazy says:

Oh, my goodness! I want to be with you!

Kallus Rourke says:

You are incredibly beautiful. I’d date you in a heart beat.

Scarlett Otero says:

Put white duck tape on the panel or tile?

Terry Mckinney says:

looks awesome

Sophia Hight says:

you look like Megan fox! so gorgeous!

avalanche says:

what was the name of the groutable vinyl product you choosed? 🙂 <3

Pablo says:

Start a business.

G00gleable says:

I can imagine what my house would look like if you were my wife! some of us appreciate every bit of what’s in our hand and some of us are born ungrateful!

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