Weekend Bathroom Remodel Part 2: Laying Vinyl Tiles

This is the second in a short series of videos showing how to remodel a bathroom. This video shows how to tile a bathroom floor using vinyl tiles and how to grout in between them. The previous video shows how to remove everything from the bathroom (excluding the tub), to get ready for new flooring. Subsequent videos show how to install beadboard and a new faucet.


Mike K says:

why didn’t you take the doors off? 🙂 it would make lots of your work easier

Pappilli0n says:

noticed he didn’t feel the need to let the newly applied grout to sit any length of time at all before cleaning?   liked your approach.  my little money pit has ceramic tile in the bathroom which becomes very slippery with any water on it.  I’m thinking maybe your vinyl tiles might be more safe. 

frontier884 says:

I have never heard of using grout with vinyl tiles before.

Tammy Stewart says:


clarity023 says:

Can it be installed on top of ceramic tiles?

TheNaturalebeauty says:

So, you dont need to start from the middle and work out?

Gertrud Robinson says:

What type of grout did you use?

Mighty Xee says:


Doctor Medkit says:

Peel-n-stick tiles in a bathroom? That will look great for about a year…

TheMrKingmenow says:

This is my first time every seen someone do Vinyl tile like this. I was thinking to myself why the space but know i want to try this great video

MrsViviLo says:

if i am removing old vinyl and have plywood underneath. But it is getting moldy because it got wet. Do I just replace the wood or its there something i can apply to it?

Pat Leiter says:

while this method of vinyl tiles and grout may look nice and last a few years for a cheap initial investment, it is a time bomb in a wet area! It is a very common misconception that grout stops water especially when sealed, IT DOES NOT. in fact, grout allows water to penetrate through in order to completely drain a wet area. grout sealant is meant to protect from stains and cracking, it is not a waterproofing agent. Preparing your underlayment for a wet environment such as a cement board or kerdi systems is a must and will save you the headache of rotten wood and mold a few years down the road. proper preparation is essential in home improvement. this would be fine in a powder room or any dry rooms, concrete slab basements should also be prepped with either a concrete sealant or a underlayment to prevent moisture in the concrete from mixing with the adhesive.

jack scenic says:

There will be problems in less than a year.Grout will fail, then tile will fail, then subfloor will swell. This is a good “Make Work For a Real Professional” video..

Wanaaje's Channel says:

Thank you very much for the help. Now I have a good idea, was going for without grout but differently going for with grout now 🙂

Mikey O says:

Good job mate !!!

gmee123 says:

That looks like a real time sink compared to doing whole sheet vinyl. From watching others do square tiles, this method looks extremely clumsy and time consuming.

Gina Sink says:

Can this be done over laminate wood floors?

K. S. says:

This is for anyone who waits too long to clean grout or didnt do a good job initially & are left with a hazey tiles. I found that its actually easier to wait (atleast try to scrape up big clumps before drying) Use WINDEX its works wonderfully & wont damage the vinyl tile or the grount lines like trying to sponge around while wet. Just spray on & let it set 5 mins & you can literally wipe it with your finger. WINDEX is a true miracle for this project.

kifle haile says:

Nice and easy

importarg says:

This kind of odd to me these are vinyl tiles!!! you don’t suppose to grout! because they are fake tiles rubber. only real tiles like ceramic that are thick use grout, this video is joke!

D.I.Y. Remodel Videos says:

grouting in between vinyl tiles? Won’t that grout crack-out of those joints?

Mighty Xee says:

Hi what is this kind of tile caller as opposed to ‘self adhesive vinyl tile’

Maralis Mercado says:

I just pulled up the old vinyl and there is the old wooden floor.  Do i need to prep that floor?

ThankGodForTrump G says:

Great video! However, all flooring should go under the trim including door jambs. The only cutting you should have to do is around corners or obstacles. Also, the tiles with adhesive already on them is an awesome and simple way but you should always get some spray bond adhesive to spray the floor first because that pre-glue on the tiles will never hold up alone. I recommend 3M 90 Spray Bond Adhesive as this stuff will bond to anything including concrete and it’s water resistant and high temp resistant too. I use 3M 90 for any project which requires glue.

Chazlyn Chee says:

What is the name of this tile? I really like the color. I purchased the “EXODUS,” but I’m not too satisfied with the brownish color of it.

palebeachbum says:

If you want to save yourself the time and hassle, just shave off the bottoms of the door frames, using a scrap tile as a spacing guide. Eliminates all the time consuming intricate cuts.

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