Preparation Advice for Self-Stick Flooring

2 products we recommend for preparing your floor prior to installation of self adhesive floor tile: Floor Lever (also known as Floor Patch or Crack Filler) and Bond Enhancer (also known as Latex Floor Primer). We are the premier wholesaler online for self-adhesive vinyl flooring.


Humberto Gutierrez says:

Nice job

Samantha Soule says:

Thank you for all of the info! Do you have any recommendation for a plywood subfloor that is still slightly tacky in some areas after removing old peel and stick tile, and using a chemical adhesive remover?

lw216316 says:

I’ve read that the tiles can be hard to remove….(if you need to repair or replace someday)
seems like using a bond enhancer would make that problem even worse ?

Layne Staley says:

Thanks For the Knowledge and Guidance Man. Wasn’t sure if I was Going to be able to Tile Concrete floor but it looks doable.

Jeff G says:


psf1955 says:

I have a linoleum with a small block design, so there is a pattern.  Should I use leveler? This is in a Bathroom, I’m going to take up the toilet, do you have any tips?

Alice Jin says:

i have an old house.
my bathroom floor tile looks very old.
i trying to bathroom makeover on a budget.
i wanna to makeover by peel-n-stick tile.
but existing tile is not level
is have any way to fix it?

thank you

Terisa Warner says:

Can I apply peel and stick tiles to a textured wall if I prepare as you have stated in the video?

Tony Martin says:

Could you use self leveling mixture

man wong says:

I want to update my bathroom flooring cheap, easy and quick.  but it has uneven ceramic tile flooring.  Can I put the Premixed Patch and Level on top of the existing ceramic tile to level the floor and then put on the Peel and Stick Vinyl flooring?

Lyfetreker SH says:

I just installed peel and stick tiles a few days ago. I didn’t use any primer on the plywood. I made sure the floor was clean and dry, but some of the tiles are popping up a bit. Any ideas of how to make them stick better?

Dafna Cohen says:

Thanks for the should change your website link

marc 1234 says:

so the sandy stuff the filler is a pain to sand smooth for all u noobs out there dont get into the mess im in using to much and cant get the spreader marks smoothed out

John Shetler says:

hi I’m in the process of installing vinyl plank over OSB plywood I primed it but didn’t use the leveler it’s not sticking do I need to use the leveler first then the primer?

Jim Trebes says:

Can vinyl tile be installed over existing linoleum?

lomo ray says:

Hi, Where is the demonstration? Did i miss that? Thanks

DrellyBee504 says:

Can you apply peel and stick tile to existing tile? I’m moving into a rented home soon with an outdated bathroom and I want to bring it into at least the late 20th century. LOL Would you recommend these steps for a renter?

David Bowers says:

Sounds like your working for Henry products. And arent you using luan for a sub floor so its clean and the tile will actualy stick with primer.

doriestes2468 says:

Thanks! Big help

yolanda alvarez says:

Thank You Very Much, your Video was very useful 🙂

Judi Lauer says:

I have a small bathroom that has linoleum on it. I want to replace it with Armstrong A6703 Luxe Plank, 12×24. The local dealer said I should use Ardex filler to fill the small imperfections, ie, grout lines, etc. The floor is very level though. Your saying that it wouldn’t be necessary? I really don’t want to take the time to mix and spread though. This is fairly thick flooring.

Lena Fleener says:

Thanks for the video it was very informational! We are getting ready to lay self stick tile with grout and I’m kind of freaking out over the process! Your video helped sooth my nerves as far as preparing the floor. The instructions on the tile say to use a 100 pound vinyl roller after the tile is in place is this necessary? Thanks!

debeyes says:

spotless clean is best pva seal as well

Rick Hebert says:

Thank for the video, it has help me out on the prep work. Now once the planks are down, is there anything I should do afterwards, like a protectant or sealant?

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