Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Install- Araceli Chan Home Family DIY

***UPDATE*** 4/27/17 IT HAS BEEN ABOUT 5 MONTHS SINCE I INSTALLED THIS FLOOR. I’m getting a lot of questions about whether it has lasted or not. Good news! It still looks like the first day I put it down. It looks flawless, easy to clean and low maintenance. I still love it!

The work continues as I try to finish my bathroom remodel. Installed over existing vinyl floor. I purchased this Casa Italia floor at Lowes for $1.28 per sq ft.


Jeremy Vanbrunt says:

I bought these today actually but having issues with them not sticking. So going to buy some adhesive and maybe that will fix the issue.

Loy Dollhouse says:

I should try this for my dollhouses

Shane Heim says:

am i seriously the only one who caught her trying to use a level laying on its side? im dead hahahahah

Recon9143 says:

If this hot woman can do it I hope I can

Laurie H says:

Great job! Turned out beautiful.

Brianna Garrison says:

Could i use this at my apartment? Does the adhesive leave residue?

Quick2000 says:

When you said that you made sure each piece was Flush with the piece next to it, does this mean you can put it down and then adjust or move it? Seems to me it would be STUCK in the first place you laid it down?

Patrick Ketter says:

I am using the exact same flooring in my RV remodel. Thanks to your video I can get an idea of what it will look like when its done. We have good taste! HAHA.

This World IsCrazy says:

1:34 of talking fyi

Stevie D says:

Great job. Thanks for sharing.

The Curee Life says:

Nice job! We’re about to do this on our RV today. Question, did you use a roller to press it down good? Our flooring recommends a 100 lb roller.

oklacityg says:

Great video,what color is the Vynal you installed its dark just the color Im looking to get soon and how is it holding up thanks?

chocolate chips says:

Can i remove it and re-use it for another room?

Sarah StaRoth says:

Really beautiful and I love the color!

Babbzy Media says:

This looks soooooooo good … wow!! Great job…

shlagadad says:

never use peel and stick, snap in is much better

Tee Gee says:

Hi, it’s bee a few months… how is it holding up? I’m thinking of doing this in my full bathroom.

TheNamDaBomb says:

Thinking bout doing this to my man cave. Looks great. I hate the white tile in it

dmr31 says:

You have me excited!! I’m going to close on a house in October 2017 and the kitchen floors are those ugly black & white squares.. I don’t make enough to hire a professional to renovate certain areas.. I want it all vinyl wood look. I just seen I can use another type of tiles for my bathroom walls which are that ugly pink. It was build in 1954.. I Love how you did your floors.. Gives me joy to see what I can do in my house. Thank you!!

janeyroth says:

I didn’t see in the video that you used the primer it speaks of in the directions. Any idea if that is an important step?

Ivan Rodriguez says:

looks great! I’m gonna do this in all my bedrooms. Get rid of the old carpet.

The life and times of Barney Taylor says:

silly girl a level doesn’t work that way

Mariah Mills says:

Is it easy to come up? And not damage floor underneath?

Ragluvvulgar says:

OMG so cute!! thank you for this video I’m adding it to my favorites

Colleen Brinkman says:

Great job!!!

Angry Orchard says:

Omg, you did that. Awesome

Vee Newton says:

This is the exact color and style I am looking for!…could you please tell me the name of the brand, color, and style it is? and you purchased it at Lowe’s correct? Thank you very much!!

Zack Yanos says:

Would this be good for apartments? If I had to remove this after a year lease, would there be sticky residue?

mattie parker says:

great job .looks really good .getting ready to do a camper and I am really scared .not good @ cutting and measuring .hope it turns out as good as yours .

Uriel Navarro says:

It is tile its vinyl tile

J. Fel. says:

OMG, gorgeous!

Mikecard Yeah says:

You’re hot!

James Wilson says:

hi i messed up i put my sticky tiles down at the end of putting my tiles down they won’t stick to the plywood because it’s at the end of the plywood floor what can I do

Maquel Querry says:

It looks so good!! Has it held up well? I’m thinking about doing this in my laundry room. Great video! You have great taste.

AnnMarie K says:

How did you cut it perfectly around the molding?

net poser says:

Levels don’t work that way. :/

Gianna says:

Love. What color tile did you use

Nate Johnson says:

Nice bounce…

monty8008 says:

looks great

Ale B says:

i love the video, but you figure at the end of it that the way you use the level tool is wrong , you are taking the level of the actual tile floor.

Jeff Boyles says:

Looks great and glad to hear it’s staying good. I’m fixing to start my project. Thanks for the video help!

M How says:

if you didn’t know, can you tell the difference between this and an actual laminate floor ?

naum900 says:

Thanks for the video instructions. Is the floor still good?
I was thinking about doing the same thing but I’m afraid the peel and stick floor will dip in to the tile grout lines over time. Would you recommend levelling out the grout lines?

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