Luxury Click Vinyl Installation

Click Vinyl Installation


Mike Dornhöfer says:

Hi, yes, it can be installed over hardwood if it is exactly one level (planar). I made it in my living room directly on a woode parquet flooring.

Just Coni justme says:

Question: I had a home remodel two years ago and all baseboards were replaced (which was quite expensive).  I now want to replace all carpeting with either luxury vinyl or laminate flooring. My contractor said baseboards must be remove and replaced with new because they will likely be damaged during removal. Can new flooring be installed without tearing out existing baseboards and still achieve a professional look?

flyingcat2054 says:

Like most of the videos on Youtube, this one is just to give an idea of installation.  Many potential difficult spots are ignored: like, what about the door jamb?  was it undercut?  What did you do at the doorway entrance?  what about centering the planks so there is not a 2 inch strip on the opposite wall?  How your measuring and cutting was glossed over very quickly.  Its the little details that usually make or break these DIY jobs.

Cori Hvideberg says:

I am planning to place PVC click flooring over an existing vinyl floor in a medical office –like the one depicted in the video. Anyone for sealing up the seams with grout or sealing with polyurethane afterwards for increased durability? Do you recommend any commercial grade brands? Thank you!

Wende Cellucci says:

if putting over concrete flooring don’t you have to put some kind of plastic or barrier between the concrete floor and the flooring? I’m thinking because of moisture?

Devin Holland says:

What LVP did you use for this? is this tranquility XD Edgewater oak?

Rinkesh bafna says:

Whats the advantage of these vinyl planks over the traditional ones apart from the easy installation?

Jason Chen says:

Not the best way! It will carry a lot of problems.

Charles Gregory says:

Installing vinyl is time consuming task, requires lot of patience’s. Very well demonstrated video showing step by step procedure of vinyl installation.

keywestWTF says:

You would not believe how many videos I have seen where they do not remove the baseboards first and just start laying at the baseboard.

mostmost1 says:

It was easier for me to glue down vinyl planks than these click lvt floors.
Back breaking work, however I missed a few steps, like the spacers and I’ll use a pull bar next time.

Jan Levine says:

I will NOT listen to anyone trying to sell me something that MUST make my floor shake!

Andy Brouwer says:

can this flooring be installed directly over hardwood and also can it be installed directly over ceramic tiles?

Jerry Hubbard says:

Damn, If i wanted to listen to music i would go to the music channel

Bebop Drone says:

“You can install over almost any type of flooring as long as it is level with no gaps or spaces.  ”  This makes no sense…

Clara Fierro says:

great job! thank you for sharing

eric Hubbard says:

actualy,you dont have to start taking of baseboards to install these and many other types of resiliant flooring as long as its kept running straight and true.cove base….different story.installing locking planks now in several new apartments and we most definately are not going in and start tearing off new baseboards.lil thing that you call quarter round.u can paint,stain,about any look u want to match saves ton of time,work,and mostly,the customers money.just b sure cut your door jambs,and leave space around the wall or……baseboards….according to manufactures specs.anyways,i can definately see where n why u see so many installers not ripping base of wall.its ok if thats what u n customer decide,but definately not always needed.

Powerstroke98 says:

I seem to have a few ‘squeaks’ in the floor, so I believe I should screw through the original vinyl floor first, before planking? I’ve got to lay planks alongside a bathtub (lengthwise) and believe it would be difficult to leave a gap, so I wonder if I should leave a little more gap on the far side of the room? Room is under 7′ across.

drjustoutofreach says:

can you Polish lvp to make them more shiny?

catrashoo says:

Wow new vinyl floor and you put back same old cove base ?
how cheap !

jccoolwood says:

Very nice. Thank you.

TheAlmightyGoon says:

It doesn’t seem logical to lay over existing floors. Not only is it a pain in the ass for the next guy but your underfloor isn’t 100% waterproof is it? So what happens when the covered up floor starts peeling up?

remcat03 says:

Thanks! You guys make it look so fast and easy. Love the whimsical music.

Jibbie Oostra says:

It that Armstrong vinyl plank?? what color is that??

suzie griffith says:

Thank you so much – this was so helpful. It would have been good to see how to cut around a door frame, etc / irregular cuts – BUT I appreciate this is for information only and I do truly appreciate your advice. Thank you x

Marion Baker says:

You can install over almost any type of flooring as long as it is level with no gaps or spaces.  

Ednor Rowe says:

Why spacers? Why no baseboard, just flimsy (ugly) vinyl replaced as before? I thought the thing keeping a floating floor in place regardless of roughousing, furniture sliding, etc., was the positive tension created by EXACT fit between baseboards, so non-glued flooring can’t slide, or double-sided adhesive as one manufacturer is touting. What holds YOUR vinyl strips down when a fridge / piano with a broken wheel is pushed up against a wall, or kids run and stop near a wall, doing a relay race, etc., etc?

Bebop Drone says:

“the pattern is a bit repetitive isnt it? id go for karndean myself…” For $1.99 a sq ft its not bad. Karndean is quite a bit more spendy…………………………..

ahmed yousof says:

really it is very nice 

WhimsyEverlasting says:

can this material be laid down in a herringbone pattern?

Judith Kilvert says:

My floor is currently covered with tile look-alike vinyl, with minimal undulations – ie: to look as if its grouted tiles. How smooth does the floor need to be? The vinyl is glued directly to concrete.

Will Wallace says:

Looks horrible

Betty King says:

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