Kitchenette Remodel 2. The Final Touch. How to install a glueless linoleum floor, step by step.

The kitchenette remodel is complete, you watched it go from pretty yucky to fairly livable in the first video and in this one I get the floor installed and it is ready for company. You will see step by step how to install a non glued linoleum floor. From making the pattern to cutting and then the install. At the end we see a before and after from when we first started to the final touch.


richard smith says:

Its a good thing you are a small framed guy so you could fit into the cabinet looks good joe thanks Ric

Pocono Prepper says:

It looks great, but not glued? it won’t lift around the doors?

EJ M says:

Do you actually have your dogs cages in a zero degree garage? I may have heard wrong hopefully.

Bill Aichinger says:

joe  you  should  be  in  the  Guinness  book  of  world  records  for  hard  work

lemmik1900 says:

I will hire you to lay vinyl flooring. What do you charge?

Marty.R Woodcock says:

I never thought to lay a paper pattern out to follow. That’s a lot better idea than some of the other videos I’ve seen. Great video. Thanks for sharing.


What’s all in them jars?

lemmik1900 says:

Hmm where’s the help when you ned it hey? Zack…Zack…

swany says:

your a brave man…with a complex floor layout like that and using a checkered pattern ..looks like everything was good and square …well done 

whitehotnexus7 says:

Great job!

NOOB Homesteader says:

You make it look so easy!!

The Chosen One says:

For those asking, glue less vinyl flooring is thinker than old linoleum, it has a built in pad so to speak that lays down smooth, it wont shift because its contained on edges via the walls and trim work usually. A strip is needed in door ways, etc to keep debris from getting under there or rolling the edge. A heavy appliance can dig into or ripple it so i recommend using skid pads afterwards.

roger taylor says:

Great job

backcountrypipe says:

Nice work. I am gonna remember this method.

brendahere says:

You’ve made a huge impact to that space.  Not the same room at all.  Great job

69Phuket says:

If you have the space to do a template..Really good idea. I’ve done this before and just wung it with a stanley knife. Results were a tad shoddy to say the least.

jasonmushersee says:

Excellent job! This is better than the glued down linoeum flooring tiles, those crack everywhere.

vj212442 says:


lemmik1900 says:

I’ve done this by myself so many times. It always helps to have another hand.

MissouriFarmGal says:

Looks great!!

minnesotahomegirl says:

This looks like sheet vinyl, not linoleum.

Shawn Andera says:

That looks amazing. Would you mind coming and doing my kitchen floor? lol.

Melody Capehart Medina says:

If everyone worked just half as hard as you then nothing would be let to do :)) I did not know Max has a buddy.  Learned something new again, had no idea how you would make a pattern like that, way bigger than a little quilt pattern :))) Thanks for sharing!

MotherOfManyHorses says:

I do NOT envy that job! 🙂  Nice work, though. I, too, am wondering about the “no glue” part. It won’t lift, bubble, or do anything weird?
The only other thing that would be nice is if you could some how put a finish on those upper cabinets that would tie it in to everything else. It’s not crucial, but thought it would be something to get your mind working. 😉

7mm08man says:

Great job. Looks good!

Foothills Readiness says:

Brother, you make it look so easy! Awesome upgrade. It made the kitchen look more cozy and seemed to upgrade the value from before to after.  

thegoatman62 says:

Looks nice Joe, you are a Man of many talents! 

Arthur Stacey says:


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