Installing Vinyl Tile Over Linoleum : Let’s Talk Flooring

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Installing vinyl tile over linoleum will require you to work up close and personal with the right type of floor stripper. Install vinyl tile over linoleum with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.

Expert: Joshua Clement
Filmmaker: Nathanael Rittichier

Series Description: Wood or laminate flooring will need to be cleaned and maintained every so often to help make sure that it continues to look as good as it possibly can for the foreseeable future. Get tips on flooring of all types with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video series.


moehammondmedia says:

Thanks Josh. This is exactly what i needed.

erin slack says:

Thanks!  This was exactly what I was looking for.  The stripper bottle didn’t have any useful directions.

Angelica Perduta says:

Your “old” floor looks much better than the modern “vinyl” crap that the professionals sold me. Where can I get some good old fashioned linoleum?

lcar4000 says:

A question….can you butt the tiles up against the existing woodwork? Or do i need to remove the woodwork first? Someone told me to remove it to account for expansion, but i figured with the tiles glued down, expansion wouldn’t be an issue. I noticed in your video there is no woodwork quarterround etc

chico goldendomer says:

go irish !

Evin Elroy says:

Yeaaaah . . . so the video title is “installing vinyl tile over linoleum.” When he opens he says he’s installing “linoleum over your old laminate flooring.”

Just by looking at the patterns on the old and new flooring shown, I can tell that in truth is he is laying vinyl tile over vinyl sheeting. Both have textures imprinted into the material, and because he didn’t use a leveling compound to smooth out the old texture, the tiles will be more prone to peel due to the gaps beneath that dust and liquid will creep into. On top of that, the tile will eventually take on the texture of the vinyl sheeting beneath. Nice try Josh, but be warned, don’t hire this guy, or mimic his bang-up job.

linoleum = cork+linseed oil (no fancy patterns)
vinyl = petroleum (fancy printed patterns)
laminate = wood (faux wood patterns)

Quality control eHow?

David Suckling says:

I am trying to lay ‘peel and stick’ tiles on top of Formica cabinet doors but it will not stay stuck. I have tried using ‘Gorrilla’ glue but it is not adhearing. Any suggestions please.

hrbridbra says:

this is b.s. nothing on how to cover damaged existing tile, door ways, up against floor base. etc. It would be common sense to assume the existing linoleum floor has some damaged other wise why go through the hassle. Rating= diarrhea..

Tino5135 says:

hell yeah brother you just saved me $500 bucks!!

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