Belinda Baughman says:

I am putting in LVP in a large kitchen/dining area and there is a large angled area where the carpet meets. I am trying to figure out what type of transition pieces to use and how to do it.

KYfishguy says:

thank you

Jacob Lochrie says:

Hey fellow installer here, just wondering if you have a installation video on the vynal t caps? With the metal track that you cut to size and tap in with a rubber mallet (metal track with or without teeth depending on the two materials) ive done it a million times and its quite popular here where i live i was just curious and wondered if there were any videos but i cant for the life of me find any just figured if you had the oppertunity itd make a great video

Daniel Hayworth says:

Awesome man i watch your videos alot 2 c how other guys approach certain situations. Yours r best by far ive found. Been doing these A all kinds of hard surface and heavy carpets.. proves to b a P.I.T.A. at times. Mainly commenting cuz i c u got the diagnol pattern layin in the background there! Props man thats some angles right there.

Lin Marie says:

So glad I caught your video. Just had new flooring laid and there’s an inch difference between my LVT 12×24 kitchen floor tiles and the porcelain tiles in the bathroom. I was so upset I thought my contractor screwed up! He explained to me what had to be done, but I couldn’t visualize it. I Goggled the problem and it led me here. What can I say, I’m a visual learner, but now I understand what my contractor explained to me initially. WHAT A RELIEF! Thank goodness he’s cool and level headed. And thank you for the video!

ssdtrain1 says:

where did you get that transition from ??

Brian Parkinson says:

I’ve learned a lot from your videos and I’m about to install Shaw’s luxury vinyl plank for the first time but this video has me confused. The Shaw instructions state, “Do not fasten wall mouldings and or transition strips to the planks.” But you’re drilling directly into the plank and securing the transition track to it. My understanding is you can’t do this as it impedes the plank from being able to expand and contract easily. Shouldn’t the track be secured between the tile and the planks? Thank you in advance for your help!

Jane Stewart says:

Thank you! I got some great tips from this and loved the camera work in nice and close!

Meena devi dasi says:

Why not just use some sort of threshold?

Ali Raza says:

Dear brother,
please inform me in detail that can furniture like chair sofa can damage the vinyl flooring?

tim mcguire says:

Nice job. Thanks for making this!

Zachary Townsend says:

Hey, could tell me if I’m floating my vinyl plank floors from “lifeproof at home depot” when do I need transitions? Is it only between floor changes such as carpet and the vinyl or tile and the vinyl? Or is it at every doorway? if at every doorway, why is it needed? How can you avoid having to use transitions, as I think they are ugly?

Anthony Holloway says:

I am trying to transition from ceramic tile down to lvt. Problem is they used the thick concrete board under the tile. So the transition will end up being between 1/2″ to 3/4″. Not sure yet as the ceramic is done and I haven’t installed the lvt yet, but the lvt is thicker than standard tile. Question is do these transition strips come in a size to compensate for a 3/4″ difference in height?

Martin Sandoval says:

How would you transition from an exterior door threshold to LVP?

point blank says:

beautiful. very professional

Kent Renshaw says:

I am trying to find the slim track snap in transition strips. What is the brand, lengths it comes in and where to purchase?

Joe Scheller says:

did you put the metal strip on the floating floor or just along the edge????

R Shinn says:

what is the easiest to install as far was plank vinyl goes? the tongue and groove or the loose lay ones?

Ellister1996 says:

Thanks for the help

golyg says:

How was the track attached to the floor? Concrete anchors? Tapcons? What?

Josh Fitzpatrick says:

where was the slim track transition purchased?

Jimmy james says:

How is the flooring supposed to expand and contract with that threshold track so close to the flooring

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