Installing New Flooring Over Linoleum : Let’s Talk Flooring

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Installing new flooring over linoleum requires you to pay very close attention to the grooves in the existing tiles. Find out about installing new flooring over linoleum with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.

Expert: Joshua Clement
Filmmaker: Nathanael Rittichier

Series Description: Wood or laminate flooring will need to be cleaned and maintained every so often to help make sure that it continues to look as good as it possibly can for the foreseeable future. Get tips on flooring of all types with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video series.


1966fordfairlane500 says:

I have what appears to be “hardwood like” glue down laminate so not continuous roll. You see any problem in laying over this. There are a couple of places edges are sticking up. As long as not bad or I tack down, would it be OK to lay down without laminate. This is a house bought for college student and will probably be sold after she graduates in a couple of years.

Taylor Guild says:

your video is very helpful my laminate floor is dirty as hell I get spots that bubbly peeling off I tried replacing a section of my laminate flooring didn’t come out to great this review is very helpful you very much I know what I will do to my kitchen

P. Powell says:

Wow so no underlay paper is needed, will laminate tap against the pre-existing tiles?

Todd Gaines says:

Another IMPORTANT detail to laying flooring is to mark the center of the room and start there, so that it centers the room and doesn’t leave you with a narrow strip on the edge.. Also, if the room is rectangular, run the boards long ways. It’s all about the detail.

cwdavis0909 says:

Amateur.  He had one piece of the laminate jammed right to the wall, which is a Mortal Sin in laminate installation.  One week later, after the laminate has expanded, the homeowner will trip over it because it will be so bulked/peaked.  Use spacers between the laminate and the wall!!  Also, he didn’t use an underlayment, which you always use with a laminate floor.  

arttubelady says:

Hey, hey hey, thanks for this explanation on the project.

Christina Kindler says:

Good to know information. I am in the process of laying laminate flooring throughout my entire upstairs and a large majority is Linoleum. This just saved me a lot of money and time. Thanks for the valuable tip.

DASH35 says:

Great no underlayment to purchase and this will simplify my install.  

Allison Sudberry says:

Thank you! U answered my questions!! I didn’t know if i needed to still use the bubble plastic to lay out underneath…I mean I wonder if there something I can do to keep my floor warm and still conserve space.

Terry Snyder says:

Thanks Josh….Great video !!

smokefree08 says:

No 1/4 ” off the walls for flex?

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