How to seam vinyl flooring

How to seam vinyl flooring


Private Lender says:

HELP PLEASE: I seriously needed just this help AND MORE, the vinyl we want to use (that we used before) is so thick that cutting through the double layer is impossible for us–at least the way we thought it had to be done.

We this vinyl in some other rooms awhile back when my two brothers were here from out of state–neither myself, husband, nor one of my brothers had the strength to cut through both layers of this vinyl without lifting the blade as we thought it had to be done.

I was surprised to see you scoring the top layer like that repeatedly and lifting your blade. When we tried doing it by lifting the blade and doing it more than once the seam would not match correctly. Just the one brother could do it without lifting the blade and cutting more than once and he will not be here to help us this time.

Somehow we need to figure out how to do this, your method is different and maybe we can do that…. Before we used a brand new blade in our utility knife, just the regular kind, do you think this concave blade you recommend will make all the difference for us?? What I can remember, when we did it before, although the bade would cut the second layer, and cut through some parts of the second layer, it only scored many parts, like a dotted line, some cut, some scored. But we thought we could not score it over and over as you did and lifted it up to find the mess.

Any extra advice for us from what I’ve mentioned? I was hoping there might be some sort of electric cutting tool I could use to do this, that is what I was on here searching for. Surely we are not alone in our inability to be able to cut through these two layers for a seamless looking seam?

I’m hoping this concave blade will be the answer. We have some scrap pieces from the first job to practice with.

jh kim says:

안녕하세요. 동영상 잘 봤습니다.
동영상에 나오는 칼받이 제품이름이 무엇인가요?
철판같은 긴것이요~

Shamus Boss says:

this guy knows

Private Lender says:

Well I’ll be darned, here in the USA our home improvement stores, Lowes, Home Depot, do not carry the concave blades. They have the hook blades, but not the concave. Would the hook blade work better for us than the regular straight blade?

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