How To Prep Your Sub floor For Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Flooring installation is all about preparation. Get the facts on how to make things perfect.

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This Youtube channel was designed to help home owners tackle home renovation tasks around the house. Hosted by Jeff Thorman from Ottawa Design and build, Jeff uses his near three decades of experience to help you out. On this channel you will see a series of How To videos as well as before/after Reality Renovation transformations. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!

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ahmed mahdi says:

thanks 🙂

Jeffrey Potter says:

I’m a fairly recent subscriber…so forgive me if this has already been addressed in a previous video….but I am in the process of ripping up some tongue and groove sub flooring (seems thicker than 3/4 inch flake (chip?) board…anyhow I cut into some flex duct work while running the length next to the wall ….any pointers to repair? I cut into it length wise….do I just try to get some aluminum circular duct work and just cut off the flex stuff and put the good ends on each side? That’s what I was thinking of doing anyway…

Love your videos and teaching style.

BassManBobBassCovers says:

These videos have helped me out A LOT thank you!!

nicholas williams says:

Hi Jeff,

I am placing LVP in my home with 5mm thickness and my subfloor is MDF. Do i need to place additional padding underneath the LVP? I do plan to get a flooring wood filler for the seams and some dents in the MDF subfloor. Would you suggest handling the seams and dents in the subfloor a different way?

Jenny Tabaillou says:

Hi there
We are installing vinyl planks in a small bathroom where the subfloor is particle board. What coating do you recommend we put on the board as a waterproofing barrier before we lay the planks? Cheers

Thomas Nielsen says:

exactly what I needed to level a 52 year old bathroom subfloor

SonOfGaughy says:

You should’ve shown the joists in the hole on the video so people really understand the concept. But nice repair and it would work fine.

Aepek says:

Never have I ever met a house with a straight/square wall, a straight flat piece of timber/wood, or even a house, lol….
Love your little “nuggets” of wisdom & quips.
Cheers, A

the way I see it says:

Your knee, how come you are not wearing a knee pads?

Charles Singh says:

I ripped up high quality Vinyl to re-use at cottage bathroom……all backing is clean (wasn’t glued heavily), so am I OK to just spread adhesive to OSB flooring and lay the, or should I add plywood before installing. It’s abouty 80 sq ft bathroom at cottage.
…and thanks for all your informative Videos.

Groove Shaqk says:

How thick is that new sheet of plywood?

Saul Rangel says:

Hahahha you don’t know what you doing

Kimosabe 1 says:

I could hear you speak better if there wasn’t so much background music. sometimes because of the music, I have to replay to hear you properly. playing music instead of loud sawing noise is a good idea, but if you are speaking, I like it better when there is no music. thanks a bunch for videos.

edwardde3 says:

Good video, Thanks for sharing!

LaDonna Arcona says:

Do you always have to add a piece of plywood over the subfloor? Or is it just when you have giant holes?

mr_wrightca says:

yeah, they always say plugging it in does help :V

Mike Williams says:

I’m installing LVP over OSB that appears to have a rough feel to the surface. Some of the chips seem higher than others or the clues. Maybe it was exposed to some weather when house was built. How smooth does it have to be for these LVP planks? The LVP is 6.5mm thick. Should I plan on putting some 1/4” underlayment like SurePly?

Saijin says:

Thanks for all the work your doing to help the Do-it yourself-ers out there!

J Gillespie says:

I noticed that you’re not using knee pads that’s the first tool that you use when you’re doing your job hello.

supercocaso says:

Thanks for this awesome video. Do I need a sub floor for laminated floor ? In the living room Under my carpet I have plywood but on my kitchen I have vinyl floor and it have sub floor underneath of it and now I have a 3/16 of a inch difference between the two floors

Howard Ammerman says:

Thanks for the great demo/tutorial video!
So, I’m putting LVP in my kitchen. I have the floor base, (1929 home), with a linoleum layer, a masonite layer, then the same grade/color/style of linoleum on top. I’m taking off the top linoleum and masonite, and finding 6D nails every 5-6 inches. pulling them up leaves the hole with a divot. should I fill those in? or leave it be. I don’t want the nails to pop up into the LVP, so I am pulling them all. Would a flooring patch similar to what you used in this video be advisable? suggestions?

John Limongello says:

What timing. I am installing 1/4″ plywood soon with crown Staples for my vinyl floor. I purchased 5/8″ crown Staples. Do you think the 5/8″ Staples will be sufficient? I was going to use the Staples with subfloor glue..such as liquid nails.

Scott Smith says:

How to install laminate on stairs and that baseboard on the steps! Rad channel, thanks!

Rahul Travels says:

Nice video but where is your LV flooring video?

alex chirinos says:

What type of cats paw puller is that?, Could you tell me who makes it and best place to find one like that one?

Eddy says:

how come the wood did split when you drove the screws in?

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