this will show you step by step how to cut out and replace a tear or a rip in a vinyl or linoleum floor with professional results


M.J. Green says:

Great video.

CarpetMan says:

Well done . Thanks for sharing .

Ken Strohan says:

Awesome job dude!!

looking for the big guy Rick last name says:

Hi there I’m an installer in Pittsburgh PA

okami kiba says:

What kind of sealer is it?

Bob Mello says:

Good job helpful video thanks!

Matt Williams says:

Awesome patch man .

okami kiba says:

What glue is it?

GiGi GG says:

Very nice video,

Serendipitous One says:

Love watching your vids, very helpful to us budget-minded homeowners.

sixtonshark says:

What if I don’t have any matching vinyl for a replacement? is there a way to smooth and flatten the damaged bit and make it blend in?

Spongecake Squareshoes says:

Is your seam sealer pva based, acrylic based or latex based, or other ?

Mike Anthony says:

excellant job!!!

bjspranger says:

I’ve been looking all over YouTube for a video to show me how to fix my vinyl that a handyman messed up. I so so very glad I found you! Your videos are so easy and helpful. You have no idea how much we need your expertise. Thank you a Million, you have saved me a ton of money and lots of headaches. God bless you.

Frederick Ormsby says:

This is the second video that I’ve seen and I don’t have to look any further. Excellent video!!!! God blesses people like you.

Alvaro FloresTheflores4 says:

I have been watching you repair the patch hole, over and over, I have a patch hole to fix, watching you I can do it, as long as do what have said, You Awesome ! Note I seen other videos LOL they need to watch yours and learn how to do it right, God Bless you for your skills, I Now I saved us 700,00$ from replacing the floor vinyl! Buddy

sausage man says:

Lovely patch job best I’ve seen it’s invisible!

I’m a floorlayer from the UK as you know and when I watch your videos I enjoy the way you do every job above and beyond the standard that is needed.

I do wonder why you don’t just rush through a job at a normal standard to get it done and get paid? What advise could you give to me to work like you?

Trinity Too says:

It is rare to find a perfect how-to video that is filmed so you can see what is happening, and the explanation covers everything you need to know. This fantastic video is one of those. Thanks so much!

Jim Marcum says:

I use the piece I cut out as a templet for the new piece i’m cutting. Doing this will give you a replica piece and should fit perfectly.

Justin Rice says:

Spilled some pvc primer on my floor. Youre a life saver bro thanks.

Amanda Rankin says:

What kind of blade and knife did you use please ?

Mitch Everson says:

Excellent video!!! I hope Lowe’s still has my pattern in, I only need half what you just did… Love the camera, instead of screwing around, you gave the exact view people want.

Daniel Maloney says:

Nice persistent professional jobs mate

Kimberly Eddings says:


Steven Doran says:

whenever i see an installer using a bloody mary to cut vinyl i get nervous. use the correct tool for the job

Gold Coast Flooring | Carpet & Tile Care says:

I see what you mean now about spreading the glue. Man that’s a flawless patch job, great work. I never thought to add vinyl repairs but now I am interested in that service.

Tragically Canadian says:

Wicked man, you’re a life saver

splash says:

Awesome work. That patch is spot on!

James Ertz says:

When we move to AZ, I would love to work for y’all!

Munchie Musings says:

like many of your videos but would suggest getting a smartphone stabilizer. you get me a bit motion sick sometimes. something like
(i’m just suggesting one, I don’t own or endorse it)

Spongecake Squareshoes says:

Do you not have dedicated flooring suppliers to buy adhesive etc. Isn’t lowes a DIY outlet?
I would never buy adhesive form a UK diy outlet as I only use trusted adhesive brands, which I can only purchase from flooring supply companies.

J Smith says:

Excellent video. It is very helpful to watch a skilled professional work. I learned a good deal. Thank you.

Patrick Mertz says:

Great informative video, thanks for taking the time to make and upload it.

joanne cann says:

And another good job done! I am fortunate to have this floor guy!

jc86 says:

I use a heat gun on low heat to dry the glue/ help tack the sealer and makes the patch sit flat. Good job man love your videos!

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