How to Lay Vinyl Tiles on Top of Old Flooring : Flooring Help

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Laying vinyl tiles on top of old flooring requires a razor blade, a tape measure and a few other items. Lay vinyl tiles on top of old flooring with help from a Foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.

Expert: Joshua Clement
Filmmaker: Nathanael Rittichier

Series Description: There are many different types of flooring for you to choose from depending on both your preferences and the current visual aesthetic of your home. Get tips on flooring with help from a Foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video series.


willyfloss says:

Felt so much more confident after watching this, and my floor looks great. Thanks.

Tishawna Patterson says:

is there peel and stick vinyl trimming for kitchen flooring

Sandra Pav says:

Why didn’t you use the level as the straight line to cut the vinyl?

spotmenow says:

Thanks a lot. I am going to give this a go this weekend.

William Abbott says:

ok this guy had a bad teacher

phil ip says:

Probably the worst demo I’ve ever seen…cutting tiles on top of newly laid tiles….this is real cowboy territory!

peevspet70 says:

What do you mean bad teacher ? He’s well spoken and gave good basic advice . Stop hating ,

gtc1376 says:

Good job on the instruction. I would like to add for these fine folks that self sticking tile will work fine on this floor. Notice that the floor is not bare sub floor and looks to be primed. Just a note to make sure to clean well to remove dirt, grime, and oily residue. Also for a small room his measuring technique is just fine. For a larger room measure walls opposite from each other and snap a chalk line each way to get your “X”. Work from the center out one quadrant at a time and sometimes might have to shift your starting line so as to adjust for the wall tile’s finish cut size. For example one wall has a couple irregular angles or funny transitions. If your worried that tiles might not stick real well for some reason get a can of contact cement and foam brush a thin layer on floor and tile. Once it goes on it is on for good! Also it waterproofs the sub floor! But self stick tiles are very good when laid on a properly prepped floor.

MrMfloor says:

LOL …….why are you cutting tile on top of your finished tiles?

Josh Palmer says:

Thank you for the video. We’ll be laying floor in a few days and you made it look super easy.

Trigger Bone says:

what a good job that really helped me thanks bro

Shanon Bull says:

Shouldn’t the tile pattern all go the same direction?

Ryan O'Connor says:

Thanks for the video. I have never done a project like this, and your video answered a ton of my questions. I love my new floor!

purp king says:

very well explained,  think this guy saw me work lol

Juliee Pizarro says:

Great video. I did everything as you said. And i already put my tile and its looks beautiful thanks.

over theroad says:

good job i like is very simple the way done it 

David DeRolph says:

I would put a piece of plywood or a board under the tile when cutting with a utility knife as a precaution to avoid accidentally cutting into the new tile that has already been laid. 

Also, I would take some extra effort when cleaning the old floor.  Merely sweeping could leave greasy or oily residue or residue from old floor wax that could interfere with good adhesion of the new tile. 

Mr Guzman says:

My technique is to vacuum and mop then clean the floor by hand with paper towel and windex. Then heat bottom of each tile on a stove till the glue is shiny then place and step on it. I tried to take one off cause it was crooked and it was impossible by hand alone.

Ramona Brown says:

Thanks for the video!!!!

plutoplatters says:

( throw in a shop-vacuuming)   good video

mike robbins says:

Thank you buddy. Great video for DIY. Getting ready to do this in my kitchen and I was going to start in the corner. Thank you.

Dean Fountain says:

Awesome josh, thank you for making my life easier!

Areil Ronald says:

When laying vinyl tile with grout and 1/4 inch spacers , do you still do the same center measurements to the center of the room?

Brett Abbotts says:

Thanks a lot for sharing! This is going to make my projects this weekend even easier.

Angelina Briggs says:

This is the most simple easy way I have seen this done. Thank you!

bigpardner says:

Are you sure you are correct in just making a line down the middle of the floor? Can’t you end up 1 inch of tile on one side and 1 inch on the other? Shouldn’t you lay down or at least mathematically figure it go you will get as large a tile as possible at the edges?

sue howe says:


Jim Oliver says:

WTF No primer !!!….your tiles will start peeling up over time. Google it.

Joseph Chavez says:

That was very nice and easy demonstration. Thank you.

John L. says:

THANKS! I like the way you cut the trim piece by flipping it upside down and marking,

Burl Smith says:

Very Helpful, Thank You!

SteelCity says:

Thanks excellent video my floor came out great very helpful

Gambler 4life says:

These things aren’t as sticky as you may think. mine would slip apart when stepped on like the glue on backside never dried it was weird.

Alvaro Ochoa says:




Frederick Snyder says:

Nice video josh. Very well explained

MinnieMoon says:

What if the floors are uneven in texture?

KS Smith says:

Is there something to fill in cracks given the occasion that the old flooring has many chips and gap between the tiles ?

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