How to lay sheet vinyl flooring

Watch our step-by-step film showing how to lay sheet vinyl flooring, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence.

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roslee sulong says:

If place in the bathroom, can be wet and be wash? where to get this vinyl sheet ? does it looks like laminate flooring ?

michael ray says:

remove the sink and toilet smh

Arjuna 1 says:

Poor noobs can not cut without a hooked knife and spam all their hate to the skilled blade cutter..

kwantoon says:

Could use please do a video on Marmoleum Flash Cove installation?

chechnya says:

Who uses this garbage anymore? Vinyl plank is so much more forgiving to install, easier to repair.

Heather Herrmann says:

Great video! If you do find that you have moisture on concrete floors, is there some sort of sealant that can be used to curb that? Also, if it has old adhesive from old linoleum installed many years ago, what is the most effective way to get rid of that and then smooth the areas where it may not come off perfectly?

Kara bailey says:

Can we patch vinyl flooring? Our puppy ate a corner up while we were out for a few hours, is it fixable without replacing the whole thing?

Quinton McFarland says:

Learned at lot

allabout cars says:

you should never take the whole room if you do it does not allow the vinyl to breathe

igor bolsheviks says:

that is the lazy way, vinyl should be laid while the toilet and sink pedestal are removed.

Michelle Castorina says:

in Italia dove si può trovare?

david kuch says:

I can,t believe he has all his fingers

michelle zito says:

I’ve read the arguments for removing the toilet and sink. Personally, since I cannot afford to hire someone to do this for me, I LIKE the idea of leaving them be! That being said, how do you seal around these things? I see some sort of white trim. What is it please?

james colvin says:

This fellow’s too gay for me. Additionally he knows nothing about doing this right. The same for sex, gays don’t know how to “do it right” for starters they’ve got the wrong partner;  they’re so mixed up in so many ways, and this video is a prime example of that. He’s wearing gloves to do caulking, what a prissy thing!

Vincent George says:

I assume this video is intended for home users who want to try out cheap options or DIY on their own. Its a video explained in simple non technical language. BTW why do the pros even need to watch this?

やまのせいじ says:

I play reform for me.Reper is low cost done.but around the society is high cost of wind.

Joe Mushroom Tip says:

basically it will take 3 days to finish a small bathroom

Stephen Kemble says:

I guess pattern scribing isn’t a thing either? Make a perfect fit and caulk wouldn’t be needed.

santhosh rajendran says:

where did you get the flooring sheet? and what is the cost on the flooring you did on the video?

thanks for your video

Peter McGill says:

This vid really gives bad advice. Kinda shows what a crap company B & Q really is for DIY. 🙁

פוליש ניקיון 0522578863 says:

יפה מאוד

BassPlayerAvailable says:

Why didnt they ever show us how to use the vinyl trimmer tool?

BostonLatinxoxo says:

can you clean this eith a mop? how long doesit last?

Rofiqul Islam says:

very good

f aman says:

How is vinyl flooring cleaned with?

Spark says:

i have a wood effect vinyl, should it follow the same direction throughout the house?

EchoDittoBlip says:

Careful you don’t mess your hair up.

virginia hall says:

if you have a Kohl’s in your phone you can’t do this so I’m not going to do what you’re saying does anybody else agree give me a thumbs up if you agree give me a thumbs down if you don’t agree or believe? please vote for me what’s a thumbs up

Wesley Vance says:

Remove the toilet. Fuck! Product should always be cut around the flange. It’s not hard!!!

dillon smith says:

looks like gordon ramseys son lol

PETER DAVID david says:

can you tell me which exact roll of vinyl this is in the video so i can buy it

Imran Khan says:

Good job

david kuch says:

brutal. WTF was that

vp brothers says:

You shouldn’t really be using a straight blade for cutting vinyl sheet flooring you should always use a hook blade and use a delphin knife you will find it cuts a lot better and make the job look neater

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