How To Install Vinyl Tile (VCT) Start To Finish Complete Job

I go over everything from lay out to gluing, installing, straight cuts, compound cuts and curved cuts.


Tanasi Tim says:

Thanks for your video. I subscribed. I live in East 10-E-C North of Knoxville, not far from you. (I think)
I’ve installed these tiles before , but it’s been years. Watching your video helps a lot. Thanks

mike peterson says:

Interesting seeing how the tile is put down, my work is all on the waxing end.The one thing I see too often is something similar to a large pimple that eventually crack and leave a hole. Not sure what causes this. Some one said its stones protruding under the tile others say the concrete floor was not grinded smooth.

Pamela Spooner says:

I like the color! How much open time did you have on this glue? I would be nervous that I couldn’t do all the fiddley bits quick enough. Thanks so much!

Lorenzo says:

It’s crazy because this is way harder than it looks. Great video.

Moon Pie says:

I put tile in cutting around the jambs etc. – if you don’t do this often it’s lot of work, very time consuming and your measurements will not be great, it takes practice. With the invention of oscillating cutters it’s much easier to undercut the door jambs to slide the tile under the trim. Of course do this before you put down glue.
Make sure to undercut and leave enough room for the tile to slide in without pushing into the glue too much. It will turn out perfect with out the skill needed to make these multi-compound cuts.
And keep the cuts very close on all walls etc else the tile will migrate to the wall and leave gaps.

ucgrad says:

This is gonna help me tomorrow. Thanks.

paintur68 says:

This guy makes more sense than This Old House video.  I just wish the closet shot had let me see his marks better.  Cool guy. 😀    Tattoo makes him more authentic. 😀

Richard Stewart says:

Great video!! I have to put down some VCT in our washroom (an enclosed porch actually) and have been looking for some information on how to get the job done. I have to say, you nailed it here in your video. You not only showed the process of laying it, but also showed us a few tricks in getting the ends cut. Thanks for posting this and showing us the right way to get it done!

DD X says:

I installed vct tles on my kitchen floor. But I see gaps between some tiles caused by glue oozing out to the top. But I didnt use a lot glue at all. What do you suggest to remove this glue from in between the gaps so the floor looks like its all one piece?

Jennifer Drake says:

This by far is the best video I’ve ever seen!!! I do have a ? I installed feel n stick in my van flooring and it was really cold out side… some of the tile is starting to curve up… Can I pull them up use adhesive compound and put them back down?

UncaTuck says:

You make it look so easy.

Energy Frequency and Vibrations says:

Dude you should only glue small areas at a time to not get glue everywhere

ProudToBe AnAmerican says:

Landlord bought the cheapest tiles at Home Depot. Pretty good technique until you got to the cuts and I saw a carpet blade being used to cut VCT, cutting tiles directly on top of ones that are already laid and heating up tiles from the top side. To each his own, I guess.

jeff meyers says:

Even if you undercut the door jambs I cant see you sliding these tiles underneath the jamb , this adhesive doesn’t give , it’s tacky so I cant see sliding the tile under a jamb unless you warm it up and bent it and hope it lines up with the end of the tile you are butting up against……..???

Adagoberto Silva says:

I´m from Brazil. Congratulations for your video.

conservative ignorance says:

Thanks so much for the information. So many people can do the job but are not such good teachers. You did very well with both. I especially appreciated the tips such as not pushing installed tiles with your toes, cleaning the edge of the tiles etc. The time you spent showing and explaining the fitting of the radius and such left no question unanswered. I feel much more prepared for the tile job I have ahead of me. Thanks again my friend

Teach2BuildPro says:

Great video! I’ve always used snips to trim the tiles, but I love your ideal of a heat gun and razor knife. So simple, and less breakage, I’m sure. Besides the great info, I enjoyed “If you’ve ever had a train derail by your house”. Cracked me up!

andy s says:

nice nice work.

fernando 91 says:

Excellent video, and Excellent tutorial.
Congratulation MR.

Abou El Seoud Samira says:

Many thanks for your video!!! You are an amazing teacher!Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Crochet Comfort says:

I loved watching this. Thank you, are u installing on cement?

England Andy says:

Noticed you glued up the whole floor. What is the working time on the glue. There’s no way you finished that in an hour. I know cause i’ve been a floor layer for over 20 years. Also using a heat gun loses the integrity of the floor tile . Yep! keep up the good work and i’ll come behind you putting it right

stewie poohie says:

Thanks for posting this. You made it look easy!

jeff meyers says:

This tile sucks, it’s soft and if you try to drag a fridge out to clean behind it and other various appliances (stove, etc ) you’ll scratch the crap out of that tile. Some tiles have color all the way through like Armstrong commercial 12 x 12 x 1/8″ thick floor tile which is a harder tile and less likely to scratch.
The color of this floor tile looks like crap… blue would even suck in the basement. He should have used a 50 pound roller over the tile once he got a good bit glued down. Just slapping the tile like he did isnt a good bond job.

mobiltec says:

Wow Scott I can’t believe how popular this video got. How ya doin man? Long time no see.

Nathan Jones says:

Question? Do you put primer down for a concrete floor? Thank you for the video!

Neil McCulloch says:

Nice work

Vladimir Borovskikh says:

Great job! Thank you!

erica purcell says:

Awesome job

Jason Patz says:

Fantastic video. The craftsmanship of your work is great too.

fredy Calderon says:

Nice video bro today i installed a floor like the one you did just different color but the way you cut the tile was amazing you know those cuts around doors it always get you trouble you got a new subscriber

Kram Drac says:


Brandygirl1286 Anndubai says:

is this possible to put vinyl tile flooring in a ‘not so smooth floor’? pls need help…..
.anyone can answer me?

bcoz im planning to do it in my bedroom

Mang213 says:

Well, this dude’s definitely a tile laying badass. Great video, great tips, much appreciated

trevor francis says:

a lot of scribes on the first cut well done

Gail Kathleen says:

Beautiful job !!!

The Non-Uber Tuber says:

Nice video. I have always heard to start in the MIDDLE of the project and work towards the outside. You started on the outside?…Can I ask why?

Joshua Marceau says:

Great vid, thanks for making it, really helpful

goodcat1982 says:

Looks like a hospital floor

Mario Alonzo says:

The best DIY ever! Especially your demonstrations of how to fit the compound cuts so easily. I followed your method and it worked out amazingly well. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

vinceleto says:

Any precautions in laying new vct over old and ugly vct that is structurally intact and not peeling up? Basically we want a new color lets say

Twinky Bryant says:

it would be a lot easier too glue if there wasn’t dirt on the floor

Scott McEvoy says:

BEST DIY video ever. Thanks for the detailed common sense approach as well as the tips that only come with experience. This was a daunting task that you made easy and I went into it with confidence, enjoyed it, and had great results. THANKS!

Richard Perigo says:

Nice job on the video… hey from Tennessee

Harry Kuheim says:

This stuff is a good cheap very durable floor…you can easily mix and match colors…


Nice video. Nice job
I’m getting ready to lay my first luxury vinyl plank floor, and the instructions call for rolling it with a 100 lb. roller after it’s laid.
I guess your tile does not require that. True?

Jason Anderson says:

I’am a lvt installer the floor should have been preped first IE screed! and door checks to be undercut! you should never use a heat gun on cuts as it curls the tile

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