How To Install Vinyl Flooring

Shannon from shows you how to install vinyl flooring. Typically you will find this type of flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry room, entryways, etc. Video © 2014 SKS Media.

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incarnadinelifestyle says:

Shannon, you have great videos. I’m putting down linoleum on a basefloor. Wondering what adhesive you can recommend? I live in Arizona (US). If you know of a product here in the US I can use, please let me know. Thanks!

Jason Morgan says:

Definitely not a confident vinyl installer. Arts and crafts knife and all

Jeff DeLuca says:

nice job! Enjoy your expertise and tomorrow I will put his video to practice on my brother’s basement remodel. Did every phase so far and youtube and the many trades people (like you) have been a great teacher!

roslee sulong says:

Whats the advantage of this vinyl flooring ? i want to install on the bathroom coz i like the looks of laminate flooring but laminate flooring cant be on the water. Does it feel and looks like laminate flooring ?

Bread says:

What do you think about using vinyl tape instead of glue for a bathroom like this?

allenmonroeiii says:

I’m a DIY moron, these videos are so thorough, and helpful it really gives me the confidence to try to tackle one of these without getting halfway through and having to call for bail-out help from a pro. Thanks for doing them.

Kashif Aslam says:

When I do the Job Like this I like to finish painting corners to same time painting again.
Laying around the Pipes it’s best to cut from middle and using tool get a round hole to keep it tidy.

Kara Artrip says:

You freaking rock! Very informative in an easy to understand way. My kitchen has carpet that I need out ASAP, but no time to get tile laid anytime soon. Can’t wait to throw down some vinyl, and glad I found your video so at least my temporary floor will look decent in the meantime. You’ve saved me a lot of hassle!

Costello Mack says:

I would’ve used a larger glue trowel. This glue job should’ve only taken 5 minutes.

JediDojo says:

He looks a bit rapey

Cheesey Helmet says:

Sp sp sp spit it out junior

Oregon Tex Fyb says:

I use Ardex feather finish

Aaron King says:

can i use “Fix-It-All” to float the underlayment?

Marley robertson says:

Thank You So Much!!

Bob's Handyman Services says:

Shannon I love watching your channel; your great at your trade’s and I really like learning from you. Do you have any videos on installing slab doors (2 doors that meet together and do not have a center stile, but instead one door locks into both the top of the jamb and also into the threshold?

Joe Leblanc says:

Mr Shannon I like your video on this. can you show me how to install a water pipe to the shed my dad need help with putting hole into a Existing pipe from the house so he can have a toilet and a sinks with gas

Hans Klusser says:

nice done sir, thank you for charring

Qahir Attafash says:

Thank you very mutch

Ana Mizdalo says:

good job man…this is the best vinyl flooring know-how

Glen Longcrier says:

Thanks,your a life saver

dillon smith says:

check out a product called uzine you want the green bag i believe its 886 its a good feather float drys quick and works great

Bob's Handyman Services says:

Any tips on what a handyman should be charging for services? What’s a going rate (I’m in the US)

Becky Hobson says:

I’ve watched several tutorials before tackling this vinyl floor project and I found this one to be the most informative.

Adagoberto Silva says:

Good job.

David Gantt says:

J roller will solve all the problems of running your hand across the vinyl

cbdcdd says:

You’re the best. Thank you so much for doing these videos.

LindazVideos says:

We are installing vinyl flooring in a 5 ft bathroom. It is for a condo and the Association requires us to install a sound barrier pad. The bathroom currently has some old white ugly tile floor.

Is it possible to glue the pad to the tile, and glue the vinyl to the pad? It will be a little thick, but it shouldnt be an issue with the toilet or door.

The vinyl flooring will go in the bathroom area with the toilet and tub/shower.

Leidy J. Carabali says:

Lo máximo, me sirve de mucha ayuda para hacerlo en mi baño, thank you!

Jenny Truch says:

this was wonderful. THANK YOU! this helped me get started after I had been sitting for weeks paralyzed by fear if making a mistake. the tips you told as you were working helped me install a very attractive bathroom floor! great channel!

1OfdaKoldest says:

so the “patch” is also acting as a sealant for the particle wood? Im surprised at the use of particle wood in the bathroom.

chad wright says:

This should be ” how to install vinyl with minimum amount of tools”. Get a proper roller and a proper trowel for starters. Absolutely no reason to flash a brand new subfloor. Nail off ply seams (min 2inch)and flash. Dont bother flashing the imperfections in your subfloor if your going to just knee dents into it after its been glued. Get a piece of ply.

Eric Dang says:


Neftali Camacho says:

thanks you

Daniel Grall says:

Hey Shannon,
I’m currently remodeling my floors, we are going with a vinyl plank flooring (floating floors). Should I just use the same 3in1 underlayment/moisture barrier I would be using for other rooms, in the restroom as well? Or do I need to use a different type


Human angel says:

Thank you . good a pro job.

TheRooibosSuite says:

I thought an underlayment was not necessary for vinyl flooring

לק אקסנריטר says:

Thank you for making this video!

Penn78 says:

Thanks for doing this video, It will help me for sure in doing my own flooring!

Cheesey Helmet says:

this is awful

dschephigh1 says:

Very nice install video.. Thanks

Shawn B says:

Awesome videos guys

Man W says:

Great video and decent work you do…

Bill Marvenko says:

Great Video and very concise.. Thank you very much!!

Mary Catherine Ann says:

We’re having luxury sheet vinyl done in our entire house this weekend. I’m so nervous. It’s so expensive and I hope I made a good decision. Thanks for your video. I really like how calm you are.

kobi yossef says:

good job You’re the best

Johny Weedseed says:

On the plumbing pipes I would of sliced it up the middle even if a sink was going there

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