How To Install Vinyl Flooring In A Bathroom

Step by step instruction for installing vinyl and Luan in a bathroom


bigwalt2990 says:

It’s also important to start nailing your sheets down from the middle-out, then do the seams last.  You dont want to trap any bubbles from inconsistencies in the decking.
LOL..the entire thing is a glob!!  Clean your trowel dude.  better yet, do it the right way and use a 3/8 nap paint roller.

kevin graffis says:

they are not brilliant……..

John Doe says:

thank you sir. now i can do bathrooms at my moms rentals :). if you ever do a bathroom or a room where you do 6 inch cove can you make a video of that please? i havent done it yet and and I want to learn.

Hagfan789 says:

Luan underlayment is crap.Only use it if you absolutely have to.Try to use better quality Plywood product like Multiply. Well worth added expense.In this video he used cheap vinyl,most vinyl won’t bend like this,use cardboard pieces to make a pattern & leave extra for trimming. Always keep pattern straight to the tub.It’s the only part where folks look to see if the floor is in square.Behind the terlit doesn’t matter.Good vid,just thought i’d toss in a few tips.Oh & don’t use a carpet knife! 😉

stifflers69mom1 says:


Justin Chapin says:

Looks good man, thanks RRS says:

uk fitter says youse a hook blade fella

Nuray K says:

Hi there, which is better vinyl or tile floor? i assume vinyl is cheaper so cost effective? Thanks

Aequitas Veritas says:

Am I the only one that feels extremely dizzy after watching this video? looks like it was filmed underwater. Liked the video very informative. Seriously invest in a better camera.

mathew beckley says:

…. wow

Scott Lyu says:

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stifflers69mom1 says:


polishedarrow says:

Why did you install it on the Luan and not straight onto the floor?

KMitech says:

because you would see the wood imperfections through the linoleum…

Romeo20 Maypole says:

thank you.

tigerzjaw says:

Seems easy enough

bigwalt2990 says:

A carpet knife on vinyl LOL….now ive seen it all…Good idea using the sheet of vinyl for a template though?  They make pattern paper ya know…Heck tar paper would work.

Prepping By Terrilyn says:

thank you I did it today and it looks fab!

Rainier Habervo says:

Thank you so much, i am changing my toilet vinyl soon.

al green says:

What product is he using for the patch?

Human angel says:

Thank you . looking good .  You made it very easy.

Rabbit says:

how do you know what type of vinyl NEEDS to be glued down?

MsShortydp says:

Great video! Thanks, now I feel like I’m ready to do this myself 🙂

Terry Tanktop says:


2000SkyView says:

Gray patch?  What is it?

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