How To Install Underlay [Floor]

Shannon from shows you how to install underlay or underlayment on top of the subfloor in your house. Video © 2014 SKS Media.

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fbuc3 says:

Thank you Shannon. Great video !

Don Reid says:

Good video. How about using fiberboard as underlay and morter mix as filler?

Jeff Porter says:

Thanks for the video! It looks like your using a Bostitch stapler. If the divergent staples are not available, is there another style recommended for 1/2″ underlayment over 2×6 decking? Thanks

rjg771 says:

When laying linoleum, can’t you just spread floor leveling compound over the wood subfloor (instead of 3/8″ underlayment), so as not to increase floor height when you do not want to remove a sink/vanity?

Justin Flury says:

“If you don’t know how to use the tools. You shouldn’t do the job.”  Greatest life advice ever.

Kevin Gutierrez says:

How did you cut the flange hole?

Martin Standish says:

I’m not a pro but know enough that pressed wood is a really bad underlay, and worst in bathroom. You have a good base of plywood, why not adding another layer of plywood ?. a few splash of water and you end up with a sponge underlay that will develop mold.
Just replace with Plywood and you have a very good guide to all DIYer

Center Cut Studio says:

Exactly the video I was looking for. Thanks!

68enxy says:

I’m impressed with this man’s knowledge and the way he calmly explains things.

Bruce McIntosh says:

Wev are using plywood just because it holds up to moisture better. Would it be the same nailing pattern?

Andrew Packer says:

Thanks again for the great video.

Joshua Cox says:

Thanks for the video! Very helpful.

F. Ball says:

bad camerawork, suggestion leave th camera stationary and just point when explain much easier for the viewer, thanks liked the vid

Suicide Betties says:

Great video, but I just don’t understand why you used pressed board. I would never use that in a bathroom. I love all your videos, but I’m lost with the pressed board in the bathroom.

David Jubb says:

Could you use screws to fasten down?

TataGoz says:

Thank you for the video

Dillon Futrell says:

Instead of stapling or nailing, can I get away with using 1 1/4″ drywall screws when fastening the underlayment?

Michael s says:

I hear some people add glue when installing particle board on top of plywood subfloor. Is this needed or just a preference?I am installing laminate in in Kitchen living room and dining room and need to replace particle board in kitchen area.

sp10sn says:

Shannon, I see you took some flak earlier for the pressed wood.  Some people already know it all but still come to YouTube for instructions…

Anyways, could you describe a bit what thought process did go into choosing the underlay material?  I’m thinking cement board myself but this will be my first bathroom subfloor.  You mentioned vinyl, I’m thinking tile.

Roger Diotte says:

Haha… Measure Once… Oh don’t we know THAT…

Stazor Gaming says:

I watched so many video this guy made…. I think I’m in love 🙂

UglyTent Bushcraft & Survival says:

Very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

thebirdisblue says:

Brilliant thanks!

B Rad says:

Home depot has 5mm underlayment, in 4×8 sheets. Is that too thin? A floor guy told me the vinyl will bubble through the staple holes if it’s not at least 3/8 thick

Nicholas Anselmo says:

This is an informative video, but I strongly reccommend not using this type of wood for a sub floor ever, When does a floor not get wet? And this stuff is junk after water gets to it. I would just put 1/4 inch plywood, otherwise great job!

freenzy3 says:

i would ve put subfloor glue.

MrMotorHead says:

Do you always put underlay on subfloor when doing flooring? Is this only for vinyl or would i also do this for laminate etc.?

Javier Oropeza says:

Shannon, you’re the man! got a good laugh at that measure once cut twice

NorsemanHD says:

I don’t have an air stapler, what other fastener would be sufficient?

EstPaul says:

my house was built in 56 so my subfloor is planks on joist. I’m laying 1/2” plywood over that. can you tell me the gap I should leave between plywood and drywall, and gap between sheets? also what spacing should I use when fastening it down? thank you

bigpardner says:

Would you ever use a floor leveling product before you install the underlayment so as to make the subfloor more even if there are low areas?  Also, do you ever paint/coat the underlayment so as to make it more moisture resistant?
Thank you for all these videos. Why are the best ones from CA? (You and Theoldkid888)

Kevin Harris says:

I’ll be getting started on my bathroom floor later today – great video!

GunsHarleysUSA says:

A wealth of information and at the right time, thanks Shannon…..

lromeroyt says:

thanks for your videos. Question. I have a floor (laundry area) on the main-floor-area that is not leveled when at the wall, so it feels like a bow when approaching to the center of the small room. How could I level it before I place new floor? thanks!

Doskie baniadam says:

Hi Shannon, I am dealing with a concrete floor at my basement bathroom and the existing flooring is just junk since previous owner laid glue and linoleum directly over the concrete slab. I guess my question is how to do this the right way? I want glued in vinyl flooring and was wondering if I can lay some vapor barrier/retardant first then 1/4″ subfloor screwed on and then glue and laminate? Would 1/4″ subfloor be sufficient here?

mike s says:

Great video, If I use staples, do i need to go over them with filler and sand smooth ? What about the joint gap ? will linolium show the gap after a few years ? Thanks !

Burt flynn says:

I subscribed to you,BUT once i sow you used pressed wood in the bathroom for this flooring,i know i wouldn’t hire you for free,as a Canadian myself  you should watch Holmes for knowledge you might learn something –you shyster bull

Mark A says:

Hey Shannon. I enjoyed your video. Lots of good info. But whats with all the dumb a$$ nay sayers.

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