How To Install Sheet Laminate On A Countertop

How to install new sheet laminate over an old countertop. The laminate installation includes seaming two pieces of laminate together, cutting laminate, attaching with contact cement, and using a router and trim bit to flush trim the sheet laminate to the countertop edges. Each step is explained in detail.

Laminate Trim Bit:
Sheet Laminate:
Palm Sander:
A Proper Roller:
Wooden Dowels:
Contact Cement:

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Bridgette Rillema says:

MrKistel, did you do the laminate on the sides first (before the top piece went on)?  If so, did you cut those exact?  Or cut them larger and trim after they were adhered?

Robert B says:

Fake vid because you didn’t show how you routed the last few inches of laminate at the wall.

Thorgiersson says:

But you didn’t tell me how to cut it at the wall. The router won’t fit in there! Will it cut with a knife to finish it up?

273065.77M 371H41.1 says:

What grit sandpaper?

AlabamaTree says:

Great video. Is this ‘laminate’ the same thing as Formica?

David Conway says:

Thank you very much. I’ll go lay down my laminate now.

Jorge Villanueva says:

hi good video! how do you trim the corners were the router can’t go to?

TheSongmaker74 says:

nice work, you near NJ? haha

Jeni Ochoa says:

How did you router all the way to the wall with the counter top in place? ??

Timothy DeVorse says:

@MrKistel, I am going to be re-micaing close to 80 display panels, average size 23″ x 38″. The panels fit in standing display units, roughly 3 panels high by 3-5 panels wide. The problem is each individual panel has a metal frame flush with the existing mica. How to route the excess new mica, or should I cut each panel as close to flush with minimal overhang, and then file/belt sand or?

infiniti37G says:

How long do these laminate last? I know the Gianna paints last only a couple of years

Marisa says:

Is it possible to do this over old laminate if I sand the heck out of it? Or will it not stick?

budi seth says:

nice job, thank u

s13rr4buf3 says:

Open a window for the fumes!

Tommy Lee says:

Is there a video to show how to do the counter top with the contoured lip?

John Blask says:

How do you keep your roller and paint brush from setting up? I would like to use the paint brush more than just once.

Brandon Horton says:

Thanks for sharing!

Niikischannel says:

after watching this video – I am going to buy contact paper, and do it the easy way.

andrew bergstrom says:

I would’ve removed the counter top so I can work the whole piece.

Rudy Hernandez says:

Very good job. Thanks

Fox Reinsch says:

What about the edges?

John Johnson says:

Great video. Gave me enough confidence to try it myself.

macD723 says:

Was gonna say, you didn’t do the drop edge, but then saw the comments. It’s a lot easier if you take the top off. You don’t have to tape the two pieces together, place the short one first, then use the dowels, and ease the edge of the longer piece into place. then pull the rest of the dowels out from that mirrored cut edge, to the end. You also want to file by holding the file with the tang down, and at a slight angle, then push the file along the edge, not use down stokes like you did. this can chip the edge and give an uneven look. yes, i’ve done this for a living for several years. but, thanks for the video. not bad.

Good Earth Studio says:

Thanks for the no bullshit concise instructions. You make it look easy enough to try this here at home. Our 1950’s laminate is still in great shape, just ugly….time to update

Sam Cross says:

This is great! Thanks!

Stacy Medina says:

very helpful tips with this one! I would like to know how you tackled the edges…thanks !  nicely done

Juanita Beaman says:

Nice video…. But I think I’ll just buy a whole new counter top… Lol

Over the Moon Vegans says:

Awesome video with a lot of helpful tips. Tackling our countertops soon and after watching this video I’m confident it will turn out great. Thanks MrKistel 🙂

flgliderpilot says:

never mentioned gluing the sides?
 great video though thanks

Jessica Nihan says:

hi! i think you could help me. first off this video is the one i think will be the most helpful to us. we intend on buying laminate sheets and installing them on top of our kitchen counters. however, the counters now area already laminate. can we do this right on top of the previous laminate? in this video it looks like it’s being applied right to particleboard. don’t want to try to chisel/pry it off if not necessary. (i believe the present countertops were installed pre-laminated…if that makes sense.) thanks so much!

James Schneider says:

What size router bit did you use?

Dill Wiggle says:

You didn’t say anything about when the router reached close to the wall area, how did you router the last several inches where the body of the router would have hit the wall and not allowed you to finish trimming close to the wall ???

David DeRolph says:

I would like to have seen some commentary on removing the old laminate. I’m sure that is the easiest part of this process but still would like to know how you did that step.

dave12546 says:

to really clean it up and do a good job, scrap that old particle board and use plywood, JMO.  some great ideas and a great job though.

Eric Gatehouse says:

Very informative and thorough run thru…..good use of fast motion too…thanks

mjmyers64 says:

If your going to make a how to video, you should show the more difficult steps, as asked in many of the comments.

Nannette Battista says:

I created something like that thanks to the stodoys instructions.

Stephen Lowther says:

The audio is terrible!

KarasCyborg says:

Good techniques in here for working alone, I found it very helpful. 

Shellie Sager says:

I can’t tell, did you put this right on top of the old laminate, or did you strip the old first?

John Blask says:

Many people suggest putting a second coat of glue on each panel for more strength. What do you think?

360SRH 2 says:

What do I do if the end of the countertop corners aren’t 90degrees, but have a little bevel leading into both edges? I don’t think this can wrap?

Paula D says:

Very helpful video, how do you route the laminate near the wall?

gqjohn1122 says:

Did I miss the part where you finished the sides of the countertop? Your video seems to have at some point magically applied laminate to the sides!

Lin Lou says:

how long will this last? I have heard the glue will eventually dry up and it will seperate.

Thunder Rolls Media says:

why not cut it flush with the wall?

Lori Biggs says:

How did you remove the old laminate surface? Can you do this with rounded edges?

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