How to install LVP Stairs step by steps.

On this video I would like to show you how to make LVP stairs step by step. Subscribe my channel. Just relax and enjoy watching this video.


Antonio Madrigal says:

How come the big retailers say that vinyl can’t be used for stairs.

4um360 says:

I would put the thin strip on the bottom because the complete plank holds more epoxy and would hold on better.

toyuryuz says:

Let me guess…romanian??

Dorene Kirkingburg says:

Thank you, sir! This is an affordable project and, with your video, I will be able to do it myself:)

Paul Brown says:

What are those measuring tools you are using?

micky dee says:


Richard Moss says:

Great video!! What the tool called you used to template the risers?

genesis carcamo says:

Do you have to add glue if you install these floors in the living room? or do you add glue just on stairs floors?

fazboz says:

I’ve been laying floors for 40 years and you learn something new every day. Must be set in my ways

Geffen Seyian says:

i would like to know the name of the materials you use

Martin F says:

Buy yourself a big steel ruler, way better than using the edge of a tile.

O says:

It came out great can you be a little more detailed maybe on another project doing stairs the same way you did on this video.

FR3NNEXX says:

Amazing video sir

Rockin’ Richie says:

What type of adhesive are you using for the vinyl?
Thanks for the video!

Free Surfer says:

Home Depot said LVP is not for stairs…

trustopc says:

where to buy stair nose?

rogerbeginify says:

Very good work!

Post2it says:

Great video! Will I be able to use utility knife to cut the nosing?

Lukas Vaitiekus says:

Hello thanks for the video, what do you think if instead using outisde corners, you would cut a ground surface of the plank in order to bend it? would this material be enudrable enough having in mind that this outside corner will be constantly steped on?

Roses Are Red says:

Nice work, it looks easy to do. What manufacture makes that stair nose?

BOPotstill says:

Excellent video, I’m currently doing LVT in my dining room, and was considering continuing it on down the stairs to my landing. I’ll be looking to see if I can get some stair nose for this tile and do like you’ve shown.

Are there any issues with the stair nose peeling with the Liquid Nails?

EFRSeattle says:

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o p says:

Good Video , nice and slow DIY.

Yenovk Pashalian says:

Point well taken. Keep up the gd work.

James Tio says:

Where can I get the Nose you used from ?

P Story says:

Acetone? Maybe you could find/use something less toxic for that? You could easily do that with rubbing alcohol and not be coating the stairs with a toxic and highly flammable substance that will make children and pets ill.

Onassis Legaspi says:

What kind of material did you used in your stair nose

Rick's Torino says:

What brand of stair nosing is this?

Rieko Barreto says:

Did you cut off the original nosings?

Russ Bellevue says:

great video!

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