How-To Install A Vinyl Floor In Your Van

Learn how-to install a vinyl floor in a van. A vinyl floor is perfect for a van because it’s waterproof, thin, durable, easy to install, and looks decent.

Full details with step-by-step instructions on the blog


John George says:

What did you put on the ground first? Regular carpet? And then plywood? Thanks

Alessandro Luppino says:

hi there, what thickness you used for the plywood please? 6mm? thank you

Gayle S. says:

I’m just about done with our Transits van flooring. Followed your directions step by step and it turned out AWESOME. I can’t thank you guys enough. I also followed your instructions on the 3M Thinsulate install and it was so easy and looks good.

Emily says:

Great video except music really a Big minus…had to stop watching

Remington Mcneese says:

Just google woodprix 😉 I’ve found great instructions on this website. Great plans and instructions for everyone.

Chicago Masters says:

These people are crazy OCD. This video makes me happy.

Darth & Kali says:

looks good. I’m curious though, why not just put the vinyl flooring straight over the original rubber mat? it provides insulation, waterproof and softer walking, no?

J.G. Conumdrum says:

New subscriber here ,Nice job on your videos looking forward to New videos

Torie Ortega says:


Dustin.P says:

Thanks for the tips!!

smacdiesel says:

The original floor mat sure makes a good template, thanks for the instructional content. Came out great!

Baz87100 says:

Looks fantastic

ron werner says:

Vinyl is a waste of time I’ve been vann ING and rv ing for 35 years in an rv or van there is only a few feet of room to walk on extreme high traffic 10 or 15 years ago I installed vinyl flooring in class c. Looked great liked it . Wasn’t 6 months started wearing through wood grain pattern. Has to rip whole floor out start over with wood . You can scimp on many thing
s but never skimp on flooring don’t listen to newbies who have no experience they will cost you money

My Damn Channel says:

Good Video guys. Hows the floor holding up?

MrSharkphoto says:

Doing my floor now and just picked up vinyl flooring yesterday. Was thinking about how to fill the gaps, and waterproof the edge, and you just confirmed what I was thinking. Great Stuff topped off with a waterproof caulk. Great minds think alike. Thanks for the killer info!

Where the Ruach Blows says:

The mat in the beginning- where can I get one of those to custom cut to my car

Jake Talley says:

one of the best diy floor videos

Grant Bradford says:

Thank you so much. Starting the floor next week on my new transit! I was worried about keeping the original trim and have been searching for a solution.

Julian Barnett says:

Thank you! This was an amazingly detailed and informative video. I just did this exact thing to my Sprinter this weekend. Followed your guide almost exactly. Worked out great!

Dan Donohue says:

What did you use for the aluminum trim?

Jamie Tarrago says:

where did you guys get the metal trimming?

Christopher Padilla says:

Does anyone know how much it would cost to pay someone to do this?

arron rodgers says:

nice floor, but you forgot to insulate it??

E. Simons says:

Very nice work! I’m kinda leaning that way as well with the flooring on my project.

Chris Johannsen says:

Great looking floor! Nicely done.

Dennis S says:

Great video. Absolutely *love* the metal trim, so many people don’t take that extra step and I think it makes your build look really classy!

CampingCarJoa says:

Very nice explanation.  I’m thinking to do something similar.  This was super helpful.^^

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