How to Cut In and Install A Vinyl Floor


shannie medrano says:

Holy smokes, you can tell that guy is a pro just by how quickly he cuts that vinyl and how he whips that glue around.

diver dave says:

SWEET ! in my 40 years working construction – I have never seen a flooring installer use a “push out stick “… thats one great idea A+

joe smith says:

put  vinyl under  molding

Sarah Gregory says:

do you wait until that side drys before you do the other side?

st1gzee says:

Ive always used a giant hook and a concaved blade combined to instal vinyl, it dosent mark walls at all, and never lay out a vinyl and roll it pattern side in ever. This is not how we rock in the united kingdom. We cut curves always also before the final cut is made, never do drop cuts before adhesive is laid either as vinyl always expands. Hope it helps a few wise floor layers .

Mohammed Aaa says:


anthony aryi says:

haha sorry but your way is backwards. to make money you need to be efficient. you are not.

theend isnear says:

the best how to video on this topic I’ve seen so far…I feel a whole lot more confident in doing it my self now.

tom bidwell says:

I can’t believe you had to ask your helper to do his job. He should be there without you saying something …good help is hard to find.

skysnowdonia says:

anyone know what was used to fill in the seams between hardboard sheets please

B.B.B says:

Yeeeeehaaaa cowboy. Why not fold the other way before gluing out..?

Shaun Savoury says:

A true professional, great job. 🙂

Tracy Mortenson says:

Looks easy. Hope I can do it.

MrResiman says:

MMM, I try to wok to a tolerance of +or -1,mm, , not sure i would employ this firm, basic technique requires refinement.

3477437160 roofing says:

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Steve Utermahlen says:

Hello. Is there a reason for not removing the baseboards?

Rusty23440 says:

I gave it thumbs down because I had a hard time clearly hearing what you said as you were not speaking towards the camera but either downwards or with your back to the camera so it was hard to hear and also muffled a bit sounding like a large empty room effect. I also cringed when I was watching you rolling up the vinyl and basically cramming it up underneath the bottom of that cabinet….. why roll it?, couldn’t you just flip it over and slide it over a few feet instead?, preventing possible rips and heavy creasing ?

Curtis Liner says:

Good video. Thanks for taking the time. I could do without the plumbers crack

Mario Moreno says:

thanks for the video

david kuch says:

Just shit.Average loudmouth schmuck

joe smith says:

why not take the side molding out?

Kesha Borja says:

You can learn more about it on woodprix website I think.

Barbara Morgan says:

you should take the trim off

Garland Wall says:

Thanks !

Mike McCarthy says:

So Mr.Critic Jim Cashatt, instead of rubbishing this guys efforts why not show us how it should be done? Every video I watch has mouthy critics telling us how it should be done but not actually uploading their own videos – mouthing off against someone is very easy guys and doesn’t take much effort.  

Kristopher Dotson says:

what kind of vinyl are u using

calvinstulip says:

Great vid, thanks for the upload.

Funkdat FPV says:

I had a contractor lay a new floor in my kitchen and used PVC pipe to push out the bubbles. That was over a month ago and I can still see small bubbles all over the floor. How long does it usually take to level out?

fontane 143 says:

thx alot, been awhile since i did this needed a refresher course, have to do my kitchen real soon, thx again

lcaise says:

Why You don’t remove wooden slats before laying linoleum?????

Richard Stanton says:

in my 35 years I have never installed or seen a floor installed this way.never heard or a rub out stick either.and whats with the carpet knife doesn’t he own any other knives

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