Concrete Subfloor Preparation for the Vinyl Floor Installation How-To DIY Mryoucandoityourself

Here is one of my last project where I am doing the concrete subfloor preparation for the vinyl floor installation. In one video I show you my work which I made for three days in a row. Professionalism is growing from year to year. I think this is my best subfloor leveling in my life.
Hope this video will help you to get more knowledge about concrete subfloor preparation (especially subfloor prep for vinyl floor installation). Do not hesitate ask me some questions. I am here to help you.
What’s inside “Concrete Subfloor Preparation for the Vinyl Floor Installation”:

00:17 Old concrete subfloor was painted and very soft (had lots of sand), so I had to delete it completely and start subfloor preparation from zero.
00:23 Here is old concrete subfloor deletion.
00:29 Filling in big gaps between subfloor and walls.
00:34 Filling in concrete subfloor cracks.
00:54 Applying L primer for concrete subfloor.
01:01 Applying S primer for subfloor with vinyl.
01:19 Concrete floor leveling compound preparation.
01:29 Putting concrete floor leveling compound.
01:37 One more time
01:46 And more.
01:56 Rolling out the concrete floor leveling compound with a spiked roller.
02:07 More concrete floor leveling compound…
02:19 Here is what you should get.
02:26 Next day…
02:29 Make your new concrete subfloor very smooth because the vinyl floor is very thin.
02:36 The concrete subfloor is ready for the vinyl floor installation.
Canon T5i –
Floor leveling:
– Concrete Mixer for barrel –
– Concrete Mixer for bucket –
– Dewalt Drill for Mixer –
– Straight Edge 6 Ft. –
– Straight Edge 8 Ft. –
– Straight Edge 10 Ft. –
– Spike Roller –
– Gunite Shoes –
– Self-Leveling Kit –
– Gauge Rake with Sleds –
– 15 Gal Mixing Barrel –
– Dewalt Laser Level –
– Concrete Finishing Trowel –
– Mapei T Primer
– Mapei L Primer
– Mapei Novoplan 2 Plus 50 lbs. Professional Self-Leveling Underlayment

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Billy johnson says:

I think this whole floor leveling process is a way to get more money out of you by the installers.. if the floor is clean, crack free and no moisture it’s good to go.. I installed pergo in my house 15 years ago and the concrete was fine the floor is perfect to this day without doing all this prep… you don’t need beautiful cement when it’s going to be covered by pad and laminate…

Bob Blume says:

The gap between the concrete floor and wall is to prevent moisture from wicking up into the drywall. I wouldn’t seal that up.

Erin Bell says:

Our floor is level, would just putting a latex primer on it work?

Lee Fitchett says:

Screed over vinyl? No! Even with any primer!! Scrape it up,the cracks should be feathered,much quicker and definitely seals them.use a trowel to skim over it,should only need a light rub next day if any

Ryan Bracewell says:

As far as I know yalls work looks great, but is this much prep really necessary for a cheap vinyl plank for? If this was not a living room, could you have skipped some of these steps?

Tommy bee says:

What kind of blade u use to smooth out the floor after self-leveling? I have diament cup blade, and is to strong remove the self-leveling all the way to the bottom. Thanks for u input.

TheGreenPastures says:

What type of disc and grit number to choose to grind or smoothen the sub-floor after self-levelling? Is the disc type like sand paper or those thick disc that used with Angle Grinder ?

rita Augustine says:

What do you use to fill in the cracks in the floor and between floor and wall?

shawn Cheney says:

omg he s adding MEK and creating a plastic floor too? i give up. i just was trying to find an easy way to remove the glue. Wow!

Dylan Wooles says:

The idea is to skim the floor without having to grind it down after, try using a trowel then use a spike roller and never skim over old vinyl, vinyl is soft and can move which will crack the new skim.

alison solar says:

What is “L” Primer? What is “S” primer? I removed an old vinyl floor from concrete and am having a heck of a time removing the old glue. the old floor was installed 20 years ago. I’ve scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. Do you think it’s possible to use one of those primers on top of the old glue that remains? I am installing a new peel & Stick vinyl floor. If I could have left old vinyl on I would of but it came up while removing previous layer of peel and stick.
PS: My back, arms and hands are killing me!!

Abimbola Banwo says:

Thanks so much for this video. It has been so helpful. I’m a ceramic floor installer by vocation. Now, I’m been invited to handle a 2,000 square metre hall with theatre gallery using vinly wood tiles. This is probably the first of its kind job in my country. We are a ceramic consuming nation, this project will go a long way in determining change of orientation, either to accept or reject adoption of vinyl tiles here. Please I need all the help I can get from you to successful execute this job. I’m willing to pay for my training. Once again, thanks for this wonderful video you made here.

yo bro good wht says:

I did the same but i got Sandy cement surface, what can i do in this cause to install plastic flooring tile with adhesive

HxC_Fragman Hype says:

Self leveling concrete is expensive. Don’t do It this way. prep with underlayment concrete and skim called prep star. Use a trowel too

Vic P says:

You applied the vinyl floor directly on it?

Tommy bee says:


Can u tell us what is the Name and Model of the self leveling product u use? Where did u buy it and how much it cost.? What siclicon Product for the concrete cracks to fill up did u use?

Do u always/still use self-leveling compound even if the floor had installed vinyl tiles before?

Thanks for you input

Peter Mazzuchin says:

Thank You for the quick and informative video!

joe19812003 says:

my floor is pretty level but I removed all the old tile and now there is a glue called cutback still visible, it’s been drying out for 6 months now and is now longer sticky, is it ok to put ivc moduleo vinyl plank over it with out encapsulation of the cutback??

Daniel Pavlinak says:

from start to end, one word –

smoky 213 says:

what grid or wheel grinder did you use to smooth out the floor after you threw in the leveler?

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