Carpet to Vinyl Transition

This is a how – to video on working carpet to vinyl.


Ravenpiart says:

Thank you. You made an excellent demo and explanation. So helpful.

Elizabeth Marie Quellet says:

Thank you!

MoneyManHolmes says:

If you were to put tile where the vinyl is, would the z bar need to come out? Could you put some kind of shim under the folded part to lift it a little?

Taters McDougal says:

Thanks for posting such helpful videos! I watched many videos about z bar installation before this one and you explained it very well. These are very appreciated!

Ravenpiart says:

Do you think it is ok to use liquid nails to glue down the pad? Should I do it just at the perimeter or should I also put a bit in the center too?

ReinSman100 says:

Thanks for the video. Do you know of any alternative to using z. Bar to transition from carpet to vynle?

LightGesture says:

Never knew this how dumb because I remove carpet all the time and instal hard surfaces..

How do you attach it to concrete though?

cereal Dieter says:

Very informative!! 😀

SumerianTurk says:

You are not only good for your work,you are also good teacher .Thx.

Spark says:

Hi there, I would like to ask about Vinyl to Vinyl. Are there any transitions you would recommend?

thermal 15 says:

But you still need a transition strip dont you? Like if that was new carpet and new lino meeting there wouldn’t you need a strip anyway? So what does the z strip really accomplish?

Also, should there always be tack strips in the doorway transition? Wont the transition strip hold the carpet? You would feel the tack strip like a lump under the carpet wouldnt you?


Jane Stewart says:

I thank you for this concise demonstration/explanation!

AlabamaArrowhead says:

Thanks alot!

Jason Northey says:

I don’t understand the purpose of this Z bar it’s different to the ones I use myself. With the edge being folded over in the doorway and the doorway being such a traffic area wouldn’t the carpet just fray away? There doesn’t seem any strength in it there’s nothing tucked or hidden away it’s just an exposed edge. (Not criticising you or your work in anyway I can see you are a professional tradesmen I just don’t understand the purpose of this transition)

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