Wood Walls – 3 Tips for Installing

Everyone loves wood interior walls! Here’s three tips to ensure your wood walls look great for years to come.
-Matt Risinger – Risinger Homes in Austin, TX
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plainandnatural says:

it was so beautiful with the wallpaper

Enrique Hopper says:

If you charged the home owners extra for the biscuits, you ripped them off, the wood was old and dry and had lapping groves, with proper taking, the board will not move. They are already set from decade’s ago.

N Holt says:

I plan on leaving my shiplap walls up in a couple spots rather than taking them down as was talked about in this video. Any recommendation on how to seal them up? I plan to use wood filler on a few spots were there are some gaps.

Juliet Sallette says:

Another great video by Matt Risinger and the Risinger Homes team.  Thanks for  taking the time to give such a detailed explanation on how to install wood walls. This video is great for the novice and the pro….  Great Job on this well designed and informative video!!

Simon Gomes says:

good. you.job.p.you.m.sed

Brittney Robinson says:

the drywall underneath doesn’t really make sense to me.

no good says:

YouTube is giving me Chinese ads….

Amirnake says:

can i put wood just straight up on top of regular walls?


Matt. Great Job. Question. I have a detached 2 car garage. It is all paneling. It’s a light grey and in pretty good shape but I want to build a room and put a wood wall over top without ripping it all out.
Any ideas for 4×8 sheets of pine etc I can cover it with or should I it all out.
The bigger pieces I can get to cover it the better then Maybe trim the gap with some 2×4 or something. Thanks

Pario says:

Wow, biscuiting every plank on both ends! Totally useless since the old wood has already shrunk and there is little chance of gapping. This is one of the advantages if reclaimed wood. . I’m Speaking from experience here. The extra labor involved only benefits the contractor. Kerfing the backs is also a superfluous step and just adds billable hours. Finally,intentionally installing over Sheetrock was useless too. It doesn”t help in your case for the construction adhesive since you could just hit the studs with a brad as you and get the same strength. Plus the labor to hang the rock and add extensions to the electrical boxes. All in all you made more money doing useless work and bilked the poor homeowner. Guys like you give contractors the a bad name.

charles smith says:

you said you hid the nails but didnt say how. did you nail through the top lap only or did you face nail and fill? ? finish nails, brads, ?? not much info out there on interior how to’s.

Lou Davidson says:

love the walls. They look great. Thanks for the tips and for taking the  time and effort to do all these videos. 

Joe Large says:

Great video they look great plus they don’t have to look for studs behind drywall to hang pictures

Sean Dunlap says:

I have wood walls in my 1938 home- about to tear down and rebuild one of them (to expand a closet). thanks for the tips! 

Tomeka Pompey says:

I am pretty sure you can find good solution on stodoys page 🙂

Alexander Bell says:

Worth highlighting that this is set on top of a drywall base. I have been to 2 houses where the builder nailed this finish directly to the studs. One house was suffering from very high infiltration and moisture problems.

Phillip Toone says:

1:58 I would like to know what “clear sealer” you used to get a mat sheen.

MaZEEZaM says:

I like wooden walls but REALLY don’t like painted wooden walls.

The Recon Prepper says:

can i put wood planks over walls that don’t have sheetrock. They are brand new 2×4 walls and I just want wood planks? is that possible or would there be an issue?

John Riggenbach says:

I don’t think that is attractive at all. But hell, what do I know?

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