Wood flooring spline reverse the direction of floor

When laying hardwood floors the need to reverse the direction of the tongue always comes up.


ilvsurfin says:

if the border is laid straight and then floor cuts in diagonally how do you deal with the blunt ends to make a diagonal to fit the border part. did I make that clear?

Kendall Hall says:

It would be better if for your next video, you enunciate clearly. Otherwise, thanks for the info (at least what I could decipher)!

vidvidvid2012 says:

Do you glue the spline to the hardwood boards?

Dan Fusco says:

911gameover, you have no idea if he sounds like that because of cancer, bad accident, victim of violent attack. He is answering a question we are all searching for. Look in the mirror, karma has a way of leveling the playing field with people like you…

Steven Nou says:

Your voice is disturbing…. so is the video… 0 out of 3…. that’s terrible

ilvsurfin says:

can this same spline to be used on a laminate floor? would like to create a border and then run the floor diagonally.

Hung Nguyen says:

Thank you

Odds Ratio says:

What species of wood is that? I want that species and exact color!!

911Gameover says:

I would not be able to listen to your voice 8 hours a day 6 days a week.

yourfast07 says:

Great video thx for the help !!!

J says:

Helpful video. Do you use the nail gun through the spline?

Diesel Mike says:

This was an excellent video and I have used this method on true solid 3/4″ hardwood. It’s the way the pros do it. But now I have to do a basement job where I can’t use real hardwood. Has anyone figured out the proper and professional way to reverse direction when laying the snap and click versions of laminate, vinyl plank, or engineered hardwood?

Yasin Rashid says:

i don’t understand people like you two who complain about his voice…
the man speaks like that,thats how God created him,at least he’s making a video to help others.
scumbags like you two complainers need to be taught a lesson to stop making fun of others and judge like you were perfect.


Spit it out dude….

jochanan says:

HelperGuy, thanks for the video. I was wondering how I was going to handle branching from a main walkway and into two rooms in different directions. Nice job on the floor!

Mathieu Dore says:

where do you get those splines?

Mathew Tasalloti says:

Thanks for the awesome lesson! I’ve been wondering about how I was going to go about that and you saved me a lot of trouble.

David Leonard says:

are you kidding? take the marbles out of your mouth, for god’s sake.

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