Stair Landing With Hardwood Flooring – Hinky Series Pt 1

In this video I build a stair landing from leftover hardwood flooring. I used Old World Oak from Lumber Liquidators for this project.


Jim Morrison says:

Awesome job

Ken Evans says:

Seems you got lucky. I have heard horror stories about LL. People in the know complain that many LL boards are milled 1/32 to 1/64 inch too deep at the ends, which results in a floor full of gaps. The crosscuts are often off square as well.

My experience has been better to go with a mainstream brand like Bruce…

boyzwithboardz says:

Looking forward to it. Thanks. Nice creativity on the removable railing by the way..

Kaheu00 says:

Ah thank you, i did not even think about checking code before installing the treads. When installing your treads did you just glue them down or did you add a couple finish nails? I plan on using the retrofit treads but I believe the installation method will be the same.

Thank you for the reply, and thank you for another great video!

I’m planning on using retrofit treads since the way my staircase is built would make it difficult to replace the entire tread.

K S1000RR says:

Calculus and stuff lol

CAVERN1234 says:

subed and big thumbs up

Dorald Keefer says:

Just going to do this myself. Perfect timing and great video. Gonna make your stair & tread jig now if I can plagiarize your design?

jaime cruz says:

the 1/4 inch is all around? and also in each treads.? I ask because I gonna do it my stairwell soon and I will appreciated if you let me know. thanks and that was I good job

ForvoQuizlet says:

I have several boxes of leftover LL gunstock and am wondering if I can make regular stairs from it? Current stairs are carpeted (two sets of five with a square landing in typical split-level configuration.

Jim Vesterby says:

This was great.  I have a small landing to do this weekend.  Much simply lines, but you answered virtually every question I could think of prior to the start of the project.  Thanks.

Harold Brown says:

looks good I like the work

EZFace plate says:

I think you give some fine tips on flooring thanks Bud!

richard sousa says:

yes thats true if its a glue down your screwed and just going to have to do you best with the material. If its a nail down you just work your way down the board and close up the gaps. i have a ratchet jack for floors that i use, you screw a 2×4 to the subfloor, put the jack in between the 2×4 and the plank and work the gap out all the way down the board and nail as you go so the board dosent move

masmainster says:

Great video, doing this exact same job, very helpful, thanks.

Todd Bailey says:

Another good video!

If you have a roll of tape that is giving you grieve, try throwing it in the microwave for 10 -15 sec, usually softens it up a little and helps stop the problem you where having.

Thanks for the great videos.

Ken Evans says:

Lumber Liquidators???!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Fumi Yama says:

i think u should start it from the other end. it make easier to connect

S Thunda says:

Nice work.  I would like to install laminate for my landings instead of wood.  I don’t want any room for expansion gaps (just want the planks to touch the wall), am I required to nail down the landing planks even if I use a construction adhesive?  Did you use a vapor barrier or underlayment?

Nick Hategan says:

You should have start with “last piece”, first. Makes it easier.

Dorald Keefer says:

. . . maybe just sell the plans?

Overthemoon says:

Why would this need to be a 13 min video…lol..??

leelsw says:

If you dry fitted it first you probably have been better working from the back to the front, if this was one of those times where you had to work from the front you could have angled the cuts on the corner piece to give you some clearance to lower it into position. Just a thought.

Randy Wilson says:

from the angle you could have used a flooring nailer or even a finish nailer , you seen to be very crafty , anyway great video next time make them at least give you the glue for free.

Vincent Esposito says:

Is there a part 2?  I’m going thru this hellish task now and would like to see the landing meet the floor and how you finished that,  Thanks.

Ricky Elvis Rose says:

Thank you very much this was really helpful

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