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Sanding and Refinishing Parquet Floors(CLICK and READ):

Although this is one of the most comprehensive videos on parquet restoration, it is really only the visual aid to the written tutorial linked above. In the video I demonstrate sanding with the belt sander with 36grit (straight across the floor, important for parquet, again click the link above), round the edges with 36 grit. Then I continue up through 60 and 80 grit on the belt sander, 60 grit on the edge sander, 36 grit corner sanding before mass filling the floor. Then 100g diagonally with the belt sander, 80 grit with the edge sander, and a good thorough buffing with 80 grit under the buffer.

I then finish with (after vacuuming) with 1 coat of seal and 2 coats of lacquer.

How To Sand A Floor


Great Game Top1 says:

can you tell me please where did u got buffer with vacum or brand… where i can buy it or found please )))

stewie poohie says:

Damn that looks good! Next step is to kill the red walls and dark trim! Lighten it up!

interSpeces Family says:

Oh, is this buffer you’re using, a predecessor to the Woodworker T2: Numatic NuPower 1500W Buffing Machine?
I’d have to aquire and or hire the maschines you would need for teaching me by the way.

pbaylis1 says:

They could have made those edge sanders a little easier on the back couldn’t they?

Boodhun Lokhnath Singh says:

Hello, wanted to ask for a massif flooring after years of wear and tear of the floor, approximately how many milimeters of layer does it remove from the floor while sanding and polishing? Thank you….

Romelia Polly says:

You should go to Woodprix if you’d like to make it yourself guys.

interSpeces Family says:

Please let me know, how I may contact you, in order for perhaps, an unusial setting, for lessons from you, not in your exact part of our tiny globe. Perhaps unusual, but maybe a way that you and your family, may spend time out of your immediate location.

2rich4yamate says:

Nice work mate . I use the same gear here in NZ .why do ya use the 80 grit buffer after using 100 grit on the Hummel. Is that to take out any imperfections. Cheers

Thomas Collado says:

Great job

nonh8nsk8r says:

If i have chipped wood in the parquet, will the wood filler fill it and be noticeable after applying the lacquer? I have pretty big chips in the wood.

manhenk says:

In Germany It would be Grid 36 twice, then Grid 60 and then 120. I like how you use the classic Lägler machine! Worked 12 years for a big Parquet Company. Keep it up, and watch those fingers..

kololi Jani says:

Hi Ben, I have quiet uneven hard wood parquet floor what will be the best sander to hire please?

Bradley Rickards says:

Hi Ben,

Where abouts in the UK are you? I guess you are running a business doing this? If your close I would like you to quote doing our floors please.

David Haugh says:

Is that fast forwarded using the belt sander or do you actually go that speed

kololi Jani says:

can you actually stain parquet before applying the top coat/s please? Is there a method to do that. I have tried a floor in the past with Merrells stain and did not come out very nice due to the grains running in a diff direction. Thanks for the first reply BTW much obliged

Joey Opperman says:

what produck must be used

Marcel Teugels says:

Links not working for me..

kololi Jani says:

Should the herringbone parquet be sanded diagonally following the the natural wood grain?


Real professional job, I really like the edger , especially in the tight slanted wall area, my edger is a silver line product and great except for the toe kick areas and to get the rest, I have to use a scraper to get in closer to the wall in some cases. Thank you.

youthanasia. says:


Karin Pelletier says:

This was VERY helpful! Thanks! I’m less afraid to try doing this myself. Less, still not quite confident. I”ll watch this many more times as well as the link videos. Thanks!

Scott Greenwood says:

omg that edger is badass! What is that? And wow what an amazing finish!!

Llyr Jones says:

Loved the summary commentary at the end, you sounded very similar to Nathan Lane. What lacquer / oil do you use, you seem to be second coating the same day, I might be wrong of course…


Bill R says:

Nice job, great video!!

LiPe VoLcOm says:

Check out my latest video matey and look the sander I used! I went from 24 all the way up to 150 grit on the Ipe wood ! And tomorrow after I apply two coats of prime bona I will hand sand with 150 then apply apply two coats of the bona finish ! So tomorrow prime and Friday the finish! I also apply the bona with the trimming pad! It’s 300 bucks the 5L bottle here in Rio so I got to save!

Vern Zwaag says:

What’s a real cost to do that herringbone , I got a kitchen and living room connected , some scratches by the back door. More a parkay with lots of squares 4 in each square , Sand , fill and refinish , square foot price

Road Radio says:

Great video. How many sheets of sandpaper would you have used on this floor? Thanks

Douglas Fedoroff says:

Awesome video! How do you deal with a squeaky parquet floor?

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